How to Watch Out for Commercial Trucks While Traveling by Car

In 2021, we are probably going to see much more traveling than took place last year. Travel in 2020 by plane, car, train, or other transportation methods ground to a halt. Many individuals locked themselves down, and they didn’t travel either for work or vacation.

This year, we’re starting to see many restrictions lifted. Amusement parks such as Disney resorts have opened themselves for business, albeit with diminished capacity and mask requirements. Some resorts and even airlines require vaccination proofs before allowing anyone to book through them.

Because of all this gradual return to normalcy, we should also see more individuals and families on America’s roadways. Hopping in the family car and driving, either for work or pleasure, will certainly take place.

Covid-19 is not as much of a threat if you vaccine yourself, but if you’re going to drive somewhere, you need to watch out for other hazards. The big eighteen-wheelers that go rumbling past are a prime example. Let’s talk about how you can avoid commercial truck-related wrecks this year.

Why Are There So Many Trucks on the Road?

If you’re ever out on the highway, it’s highly likely that you’re going to see more than a few large trucks around. That’s because trucks remain one of the easiest and best ways to transport goods around the country. These trucks move fresh produce and other food items, not to mention clothing, electronics, toys, and much more.

It’s not probable that society is going to come up with a better transportation method anytime soon, so expect to see these trucks for years to come. They’re a necessity, but they’re still dangerous because of how large and heavy they are.

Semi-truck accidents cause about 5,000 deaths per year, but they also cause more than 100,000 injuries. That’s sad and alarming, but even more so when you consider that some of these drivers could have saved themselves if they respected these enormous vehicles a little bit more.

How Can You Avoid These Accidents?

If you want to attempt a vacation this year, or you’ve decided that it’s worth it to drive somewhere for work, the best way to avoid a commercial truck accident collision or injury is to simply stay as far away from them as you can. That’s often possible if you’re on a multiple-lane highway.

If you see one of these big eighteen-wheelers going about its business, you need to keep well back from it so that you can be sure the driver can see you. Trucks have large blind spots right behind them, as well as in front of them. If you find that you’re in front of a truck, try to speed up so the driver will notice you ahead of them.

If you keep a safe distance, that’s one way to avoid a potential disaster. Another thing you can do is to avoid cutting off one of these trucks or speeding when you’re close to one. Remember that they’re so much bigger than you are, and any unsafe driving practices could end in disaster if you try a risky maneuver with a truck right behind or ahead of you. For any accident, you can contact Embry Law Truck Accidents

What Else Causes Commercial Truck Accidents?

Aside from the unsafe driving behaviors we mentioned, some other risk factors exist over which you have little control. Even if you’re a very safe driver, and you keep your distance from commercial trucks whenever you see them, you don’t know whether the driver has ingested any alcohol or illegal drugs. You don’t know whether they’re driving with very little sleep or they have a suspended license.

Truck drivers should know that they’re operating huge vehicles that weigh multiple tons, and because of that, they should always watch out for the cars around them. Driver error causes most wrecks rather than mechanical failure or other factors.

It’s possible that we’ll see self-driving trucks before much more time has elapsed. Several companies are trying out this new technology right now.

In the meantime, though, you’ll have to keep watching out for these trucks when you share the road with them. If you’re going to try a long-delayed vacation this year or a work trip, you don’t want anything to befall you, or your family, if you have them with you. 

It would be awful if you successfully avoided Covid-19 but then you got in a commercial truck accident the first time in so many months that you went on a major trip.