How to Rebuild Your Life After Addiction

Life is composed of lots of ups and downs. It’s okay to stumble and take time to get back on your feet. However, it’s not always that simple. When you hit a low point in your life because of substance or alcohol abuse, it can sometimes seem that your life is over. Finding the strength to get up and rebuild your life after addiction may seem like you’re starting from scratch. But, that may not be a bad thing after all. Although the journey to get there may not be easy, rebuilding yourself can be extremely rewarding. Here is how to make that happen.

It all begins with an idea

All great things must begin with a simple idea, and starting a new life is no different. Every person who lost their way has to regain the idea of what a good road can be and where it can take them. After all, writing a good story needs a good idea. So, start writing a new chapter of your life by outlining the idea of what you want it to be. Make a list and write everything you wish to accomplish on your road to recovery. Group your ideas into three general categories that are crucial for your journey:

  • your body
  • your mental health
  • your social life

#1. Start with body recovery

Throughout addiction, the whole physiology of your body changes. Besides the chemical processes that occurred depending on the substance you abused, other unhealthy habits that came with it also took their toll on your body. Regaining health in every cell of your organism is a starting point that will open the doors of improvement for your mental and social life. 

Pick your exercise

After medical detox, a natural way to eliminate the toxic habits is to pick and stick to a body exercise. Yoga, running, and swimming are all excellent examples of popular exercises. An intense workout will make your brain release noradrenaline, endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. That way, as the experts for treating addiction at Bright Futures Treatment Center Florida suggest, you’ll get all the good hormones responsible for feelings of happiness and satisfaction without having to put any synthetic chemicals in your bloodstream.

Have a lot of rest

Do you know why humans have to sleep? During the day, your cells’ metabolism produces so-called ‘free radicals’ responsible for cell stress, destruction, and aging. While you sleep and rest, their antagonists (friendly neighboring melatonin and glutathione) repair the damage and help your cells stay safe and sound.

Not having enough rest often worsens the condition of all of your vital organs – particularly the brain. With your mind blurred and neurons destroyed, it’s easy to feel the call of the old but fatal way of dealing with bad things. Having plenty of rest will help you avoid relapse.

#2. Build a new mindset

A stressed and overwhelmed mind is what often leads to addiction. Then, it’s no wonder that rebuilding it is a crucial part of getting your life together. Be aware that this is going to be a long process. Stop beating yourself up if you fail and show yourself some love and support.

Choose a goal

Your mind is constantly focused on your goals and the things you want to do in life. After rehab, make sure to set a reachable goal and make it your guiding star in the process of recovery. Of course, you can dream big, but if you feel you’ll beat yourself up if you fail at achieving it, it’s better to set a more reachable goal. Be aware that addiction can take its toll on your productivity, and make sure to take baby steps towards your goal. Therefore, we suggest you start with small, easily attainable milestones.

Find a hobby

Starting a new chapter is a perfect time to find a new thing you’ll enjoy doing. Practicing any hobby will help you relax and clear your mind. This can be the ideal time to learn to play an instrument you always wanted and give yourself a mood boost and a sense of achievement.

Or, you can find a way to embrace your inner Picasso and listen to your inner muse while relaxing in the rhythm of a paintbrush. Paint yourself a new page of your new life

#3. Find a way to your social being

You may have noticed that building a house is not a one-person job. Rebuilding your life is the same. As a human, you’re a social being, and support coming from your loved ones is a force that will help you build yourself right back up. Be aware that you’re worth loving, and let the people that care about you help you on your journey. 

Ditch the toxic connections to the past

While love and support are welcome in the process, connections to your dark past are not. In recovery, it’s crucial to cut ties with all the toxic friendships that may lead you to relapse and self-sabotage. The temptation that people from your addiction days may bring is a considerable risk you want to avoid.

Redemption is a way to rebuild your life after addiction

In your days as an addict, you’ve undoubtedly done some things you are not proud of. You may often have hurt some people who did not deserve it and could be floating with guilt now that you’re aware of it. Such feelings can only be a stumbling block on your new road in life, so make sure to take care of them. A good start is making a sincere apology to everyone affected by your behavior and finding a way to redeem yourself.

Final thoughts

We’re not going to lie – it’s far from easy to rebuild your life after addiction. You will have many ups and downs, and you may sometimes feel hopeless. But, if you take action and go on a journey to recovery, you’ll find a rewarding and fulfilling life waiting for you. Take baby steps in the right direction, and you’ll soon see a ray of sun shining hope on you.

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