Companies need to have a brand that not only encapsulates what they stand for but is relevant and speaks to your customers. Not a lot of companies know how to build a brand successfully, or how to create a consistent one, and over time, a lot decide that they need an entirely new one! If you are looking for ways to rebrand your company, here’s how to do it.

Know what your business’s values are

Before you even start the process of rebranding, you need to understand why you are doing it and the values that you wish to convey. Perhaps your business needs to outgrow a poor reputation, or it has decided to become more family-orientated – whatever your reason, this needs to be concrete justification as to why you are adopting a whole new brand.No rebrand is successful without its core foundation.

You don’t have to scrap your entire brand

There may be elements of your existing brand that work well, and which you would like to carry over. For example, is your customer service completely unrivaled? If so, then you can make sure to highlight that this part of your brand isn’t changing. However, if you are doing a rebrand and leaving some parts the same, such as any package deals, you do need to update those packages so that they have the new branding, such as colors and font, etc. Consistency is vital, so if you are going to rebrand but keep old elements, then they have to work with one another. What’s more, you have to put in the time and money to do it properly.

Release your rebrand like it’s an event

You’re rebranding for a reason, whether it’s because of company growth or bringing on another new investor. Whatever your reasoning, you should unveil your new branding like it’s a special event (which, technically, it is!) Speak with a film agency who specializes in video content and have them produce teasers, trailers and a whole short of your new brand, the story behind it and how it’s going to work moving forward. Will you be offering new products, for example?Video is a great way to be heard in this modern digital age.

Stand apart from your competition

You don’t want to undergo a rebrand, only to blend into the competition. Rather, you want to look new, different and fresh. What is your competition doing, and how can you beat them at their game? That’s what you want to ask yourself.

Consider the market trends

It’s easy to fall into the trap of rebranding so that you’re refreshing and relevant, only for your new branding to be deemed a ‘fad’ and out of style a few months later. You want to avoid adopting trends that don’t make sense to your brand and will quickly fall out of favor.There are many branding mistakes out there, so don’t become one yourself. Look at what is ‘trendy,’ and if it works, then work it into your new strategy.