Once termites invade in your home and start feeding on your expensive furniture, then it becomes difficult to get rid of them. They are of a minuscule size so it becomes difficult to protect against termites. You should carry out frequent inspections in your house to check the presence of termites. If it is detected earlier, then you can save yourself from lots of trouble by taking a few termite prevention measures immediately.

Here is a list of things that you can do to prevent termites from spreading:

Remove moisture:

All kinds of pests including termites into the home is attracted mainly due to moisture. If you get rid of excess moisture in your home, then it will help you to keep away termites. Suppose you are in a humid environment then a dehumidifier will help you. During summers, air conditioners could be used for removing the excess moisture from the indoor air.

Fix leaks:

You have to ensure that there are no leaks or decay in your house. Moisture-laden walls act as perfect hosts for termites. There is a need to fix and seal the leakages promptly. Frequent inspections in the basements and corners of the house must be done for avoiding any such spots. Sometimes, such spots remain overlooked due to which they attract pests. Even a small leakage in the basement can invite termites.

Keep your house clutter-free:

It is essential to declutter the house before you hire professionals for a termite treatment. You have to remove cardboards, magazines, and newspapers since they provide a great environment for pests like termites to live. Suppose one of your room is attacked by termites then you have to make sure that you move that furniture to other parts of the house that are not affected by termites.

Keep distance between soil and wood:

When you have a garden then there must be some distance between soil and wood. Experts believe that there should be at least an eighteen-inch distance in between. Instead of soil, you can use stones or cement to separate soil from the wooded area so that attacks from termites could be prevented.

Before painting use Borate:

One of the most popular termite repellents is Borate. So, you must spray borate on the wood before priming or painting. It will get soaked into the wood and thus prevent termites from attacking and nibbling on it. After the spray dries, then you can paint it normally and use it on window frames, doors, furniture, etc.

Place the infected items in sun:

If you find termite is damaging a piece of furniture then you can simply place it on direct sunlight for three days. You will find that heat will kill the termites and remove the moisture from re-infestation. Before bringing it back to home, you should spray termite disinfectant on it.


Therefore, if you want to protect furniture from termites then you should thoroughly dust off the furniture and then use termite spray on it. You can do that even with those furniture items that are not affected by termites.

When termites have already attacked then you should call a pest control company who will conduct the inspection and they will perform termite control treatment for further prevention.

If you consider the amount of damage that termites can do to your house and furniture, then the cost of this treatment will appear less. Once treatment is done, you can maintain your home in a better way by cleaning the furniture regularly with oils such as neem oil.

This will keep termites away but still, you must continue regular cleaning.