Filing online two-wheeler insurance claims may seem like a complicated process where one might imagine it to be a procedure which involves too much effort. When it comes to claims, a two-wheeler insurance company will offer you cover for the damage caused due to an accident, third-party liability or theft. However, when you make a claim, there are chances of your claim getting rejected for reasons which you are not aware of. Hence, in this article, we shall discuss steps on how to avoid two-wheeler insurance claim rejection in India:

Steps You Must Take To Prevent Rejection of Bike Insurance Claim 

  1. When you apply for bike insurance online, ensure that you provide genuine information such as documents which are relevant. Make sure that you have the entire set of documentation when you apply for the policy. Buying insurance online might require less paperwork, but it is important that you have all relevant documents as it comes handy while making a claim.
  2. If you opt for additional coverage and benefits in the form of add-ons for your policy, it is important that you keep all the receipts safe with you which you can easily show in the future while making a claim.
  3. In an unfortunate event, if you meet with an accident, there is a specific time frame within which you need to report the incident or accident to the insurance providers (e.g. within 48 hrs or 72 hrs). Failing to do so might lead to claim rejection.
  4. In a situation where your vehicle is stolen, it is essential that you file an FIR at the earliest. We understand you may lack clarity during the difficult time, but an FIR is important and will ensure your claim is not delayed or rejected.

Few Things To Avoid To Prevent Claim Rejection

  1. If you purchase a second-hand bike but forget to transfer the bike insurance policy to your name. The old policy will be considered void, and any claims made concerning the vehicle will be rejected.
  2. Let us assume in an unfortunate accident, your bike gets damaged, and you repair the bike without informing the insurance company, presuming that you will be reimbursed later. However, it does not work that way as it is difficult for an insurance company to keep track of all the parts which are fixed or damaged. Hence, they might reject your bike insurance claim if you do not inform them about the damage immediately and let them handle the process.
  3. If you are using a private vehicle for commercial purposes and it gets damaged when parked, or you have seated more passengers than the permissible capacity, and unfortunately a mishap occurs, then the insurer will deny you the bike insurance claim.
  4. When you make a claim for a pillion rider without having appropriate bike insurance cover for that person will lead to claim denial. Ensure you buy a bike insurance policy with covers that meets your necessary requirements.

How does the Claim Process work?

You can follow the below given 4 simple steps to film a claim for your bike insurance:

  • Step 1: Contact Your Insurance Provider

Connect with your insurance provider as early as possible to register the claim. You must ensure you do not delay this step to avoid complications in the claim process.

  • Step 2: Report an FIR

If your bike has met with a major accident or is stolen, you must report an FIR at the nearest police station. It is not only a vital document for initiating the claim process, but it also aids in speeding up the claim approval.

  • Step 3: Estimate the Damage Caused 

In case of damage to your two-wheeler due to an accident, you must evaluate the damage caused to your bike with the help of a professional at a garage. It would be even better if it is an authorised/network garage of your insurance provider, which will make you eligible for cashless benefits.

  • Step 4: Settle Claim via Reimbursement

Fill the claim form with relevant information and submit it with the required documents to ensure a quick and seamless claim settlement process.

Documents Required to Make a Bike Insurance Claim

Mentioned below is a list of documents which you need to submit to the bike insurance company to ensure a hassle-free and fast claim process:

  • Duly-signed claim form
  • Copy of Registration Certificate (R.C.) of your vehicle
  • Copy of Driving License
  • Copy of the policy document (first 2 pages)
  • FIR for accidental damage
  • Cash receipt, original repair bill and proof of release


When you purchase online two-wheeler insurance, it is indeed important that you compare the vehicle insurance quotes, analyse different competitors and choose the one which suits your bike perfectly. However, it is equally essential that you opt for an insurance provider who has a high claim settlement ratio. You can always check for reviews and ratings of the insurance company online and then select one which provides the highest customer satisfaction in terms of claim settlement.