How to Market CPG

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) are fast moving consumer goods. They are from manufacturers, marketers, and sellers whose packaging is tailored to fit end consumers’ tastes and preferences. These are traders that are a step before final retailers in the supply chain. They are involved mostly with production, development, marketing, and packaging. Product packaging design process involves more than just wrapping products in boxes and other packaging paraphernalia. It takes an effort to engage the consumers’ interests through sound, taste, touch, and sound. Here are some ways in which you can market CPG in the 21st Century.

Focus on Global Product Range

It is important that you narrow down the breadth of your product range to tailor your marketing strategy to a particular style. With a simple lead product line, you will be in a position to curate your strategy in a manner that retailers and consumers identify with easily. If for instance, you have a range of products that can be fitted under one brand, you can prioritize flavor or style and still have the brand as the identifying theme.

Internet Marketing

Technology has significantly improved the manner in which business is carried out in the 21st century. It is possible now to market and sells CPGs online through models such as “click and collect” where retailers buy and pay for products online, then have them delivered to their consumers. Retailers are not required to physically avail themselves at manufacturers or wholesalers’ establishments. They simply need to identify available goods, place their orders, give consumers contact details then leave the rest to the manufacturers.

Coupons and Loyalty Cards

Retailers and marketers are increasingly using marketing software to collect data about consumer behavior. They are able to identify frequently purchased products hence craft ways of enticing consumers to buy more. They, thus, offer coupons and loyalty cards that offer discounts on various products or when consumers purchase goods to a particular limit. The coupons help highlight the hot products hence significantly increase their sales.

Tailor Products According to Clients Culture

It is incredibly important to understand the cultural aspects of your target market when packaging goods. You will know how to design your packages in a manner that a particular culture can identify with. If for instance, you are in a multicultural environment, you need to go slow on brand unification and have a blend of some sort. You will need to carry out serious market research to understand your market and keep updated with the current trends.

Use Social Media

In the age of social media, it would be very effective to have your brand known through social media. You can use Facebook and Instagram among other platforms. Instagram is currently the most popular, with the highest engagement rate among all other platforms. More than 90% of the top brands in the world run an Instagram business account. Instagram has a massive number of subscribers that present a huge and potential market. You just need a specialist that is experienced with marketing on this platform.