If you are beginning with a startup, you know how difficult it is to handle all costs. Cutting parts of expenses can significantly improve your monthly profit. So, be smart with your money.

Here are some tips on how to save costs at the beginning of your business:

Work from home/virtually

If your company doesn’t need an office, then don’t have one. You can stay in business by working from home as connections today are performed mostly by the internet. You can arrange a space for work inside the house, and you will be relaxed, reduce costs like heating, paying rent, technology and supplies.

You will also cut your commute costs by excluding train tickets or gasoline bills. Wireless communications have paved the way to allow more people to work from home and cut down on the costs of transportation to work.

Use social media for advertising

If you wish to take a step further from your surrounding and let people know about your business, you have to go to social networking and also make a website for your business. You can promote your site and business by advertising it via Facebook Ads, Linkedin, Instagram, Tweeter and so on. Today you can find agencies that will give you free advice on how to start with advertising.

Use free software

Today, in the age of the internet you can find different free software to run your startup. You don’t have to pay for bookkeeping, word processing and presentations. You can find a cloud version or open source for most things you need to do. There are various programs which can help you plan your projects, track your customers, manage your finances, and much more. Also, try to use free trials of software to determine if you really need it, and save the money by paying only for necessary software.

Hire capable employees with little work experience

If you have permanent employees, you must provide work continually so that their productivity is higher than what is being spent on them. If you don’t have enough job, you can hire part-time employees, and have in-office employees only if necessary. Having freelancer employees is a good solution for startups because it cuts the costs of training, management, and benefit packages of permanent employees.

Minimize time waste

The best way to save time is to track your activities for a while. A couple of weeks should be enough to give you an insight into points in your business where you have most of the time leakage. For example, meetings can be very time-consuming. Reducing the time spent on meetings especially ones which don’t add value to your business can save you money and give you the time which you can use on other profitable activities.

These are just some suggestions for lowering the expenses of your startup. But, as you run down the road of having a startup, you will discover that there are much more other ways to keep your company running on long terms and improve your monthly profit!