How to Login Ultipro Employee from Home

This world has turned into a digitalization platform in every nook and corner. From fulfilling household necessities to getting office work done- everything has become impossible without digital platforms. 

Such technological advancement has been a boon for the whole world. Since the pandemic has hit us hard, the last two years have been the years of social distancing. Every official institution has been closed for days. During this time of stagnancy, it was the only technology that kept things going. 

From education to work, everything continued only because of some revolutionary advancement in technology. SFH (Study From Home) and WFH (Work From Home) have become the new normal. 

Now it might seem difficult to have a track of the employees inside the home. The situation of the working space, the connection requires a thorough checking up. There is nothing to worry about. Here is a complete guide to monitoring the work and the employer through a very promising app- Ultipro. A detailed procedure has been explained here about how to log in to it from mobile as well as from a desktop. Employees would be in great benefit from this guide article. 

About Ultipro:

Ultipro is one of the most popular HCM (Human Capital Management) software. In recent times, this has been renamed UKG Pro. It is such software that supervises and is also perfect to rearrange various tough HR jobs. It has been a dream production of Ultimate Software. The whole designing and development of the brainchild are solely by Ultimate Software. 

It does not just make complex HR jobs easier. It also provides detailed knowledge about the employee and their work. The design of the software is very handy and useful. The AI (Artificial Intelligence) innovation makes such a good surface for work. The usefulness of this app also makes it easier to work for Human Resource people. 

The stunning features of Ultipro do not end here. It is also a big help for the business pioneers who want to streamline their execution. Such action also helps the fellow kins to have an improved work line. 

Ultipro also helps the bigger picture to zoom in to their representative. What makes it outstanding amongst all the apps is its capability to uphold all the authoritative needs. It can be in any field- ability, HR, finance, time, etc. And it can very well handle even the most unpredictable needs. 

The Procedure to Login to Ultipro-

Here in this guide, we will give you a detailed idea of how to app works. How one can log in to this app from multiple platforms like PC, Laptop and Phone-one can find all information in this article.

Among the user companies, the UltiPro Payroll has been constantly famous. For UltiPro login, this guiding article would be more than enough to follow. 

Logging in to UltiPro is very easy and user-friendly. One can follow the below steps for UKGPro login from their desktop at home. 

Procedure to Follow to log in to UltiPro app from Desktop:

  1. In the beginning, one needs to open their web browser. 
  2. Next, you need to browse to UltiPro/UKGPro website. 
  3. To reach and open the website, you need to click on the following link-

  1. Here, one can find the option of signing in for the UltiPro app.
  2. Next, one needs to put their UKG or UltiPro user name and password. 
  3. Once you put in the credentials, click on the ‘Sign in’ button. 

Now you can log in to your UltiPro account from your PC or desktop.

Tips for the UltiPro Employees to use the app from the Mobile: 

UtliPro is such a useful app that it has no browsing restrictions. There is a desktop app of UltiPro as well as the mobile app for it. Users can access their UltiPro app from their mobile device as well by following the below steps. 

How to use from the Browser:

The following procedure is for the ones who use the mobile browser to have access to their UltiPro account. 

  1. First, open your mobile browser and go to the mobile app of UltiPro’s mobile login. 
  2. Or, there is an alternative easier way as well. one can click on the following link to get direct access to their login page-
  3. Next, you will find the sign-in option for the UltiPro login app.
  4. Here, one needs to put their essential credentials like username and password for the account. 
  5. Last, click on the ‘Login’ option and you will get access to your account.

How to use from the Mobile App:

The following steps are to follow by those who want to have access through the mobile app.

  1. Before getting into the procedure, one needs to download the app UltiPro from respective sites (for Android, Google Play; for iOS, Apple App store).
  2. After installing, open the app from the menu of your mobile device.
  3. Next, you need to enter the access code for your company after launching the app. You can collect the code from your HR. 
  4. You can next confirm after entering the right Company access code. 
  5.   Next, one needs to follow the on-screen instruction for further process of logging in.

If someone is using the app from the phone by downloading it from the play store, there are some advantages of it. One can get the latest features and tools from here. 

Guidance on accessing EncoreGlobal team member Login Page:

On the first step, one needs to visit the official website of EncoreGlobal. It is also famous as PSAV. To get access to the page, click on the following link-

Next, the user needs to go down to the footer. 

On the footer, one will get the many options. Among them, click on the link of the ‘Team Member Login’. 

On the next page, the user will get redirection to is-

This page will redirect the user to another URL-

Last, you need to input the username and password, provided by your employer. 

Here, the employee can have full access to the different tools, materials for training given by the company as well. Even if you forget your password, you can smoothly recover them from the option of ‘forgot your password. 

Alternative Access URLs for using UltiPro:

Since technology comes with some backlashes as well, it can happen that the URL might not work. If you can’t log in to UltiPro from home or desktop, you do not need to worry. Here is a list of the best alternative URLs to have access to this website-

The UKG Pro Login URLs: 

Now you will find a new brand term, UKG Pro. There has been a merging between Kronos and Ultimate Software and got this new name. The URL for the profile is Here you can find some alternative URLs if the main one is not working.

Advantageous Features of UKG Pro and/ or UltiPro Services:

When someone is talking about Human Capital Management Applications (HCM Applications), the first names that come to the list are UKG Pro and UltiPro. Combining labor and time management, this software provides resources and operative data for the effective management of the work. Some of the most special features of UKG Pro or UltiPro are mentioned below.

System Administration

Performance Management

Payment Services

Benefits Administration

 Career Developments

Compensation Management

Human Resources

Global HCM 


Managed Services


System Administration

Open Enrollment and Life Events

Talent Management

UltiPro Touch Base

Performance Management

Employee/Business Portal

Time, Attendance, and Scheduling

Payroll Administration; and more. 

Services Provided by UltiPro/ UKG Pro:

Here are some of the most important and useful services this HCM Applications- 

Management Services: One can get any information regarding any topic from here. Any information regarding employee data, payrolls, and more can find from here. 

ACA Employer Service: One can find and grant various beneficial services through this application. Information regarding health care reform, the latest status, and more are available here on this site. 

Payment Services: UltiPro is the sole trustworthy site that handles all the payment queries. From salary to tax information-everything is available there. With no worries about the financial part, one can remain relaxed and completely focus on optimum productivity. 

Printing Services: All the information, exchange, transfer or any digital function comes with a hard copy material. That means all tax forms, distribution of labor, employee designation are available here for printing. They also send the hardcopy materials to the registered address of the employees.

Print Checking: All the payments and provided materials depend on the security checks and flexible dates of delivery messages. It might be the company that is paying you. But you can confirm as well as schedule them according to your work schedules. 

Top Most Benefits for using UKG Pro/UltiPro login: 

For any major scale organization or institution that works with the major contribution of Human Capital Management, UKG Pro can handle it smoothly in a professional way. 

The most prominent benefits that one can avail from using this site are as follows-

  1. With UltiPro/ UKG Pro, it is easier to track the life cycle of the employee by the employer.
  2. There are cloud-based solutions available in this app. 
  3. With UltiPro, one can avail all the software and hardware update information.
  4. This app makes employee engagement smooth and easy. 
  5. The learning period is small and effective with this application. 
  6. In UKG Pro/ UltiPro, the level of data security is the highest, reliable. Also, it is next to impossible to lynch any of the data stored inside. 

UltiPro and UKG Pro have been some of the most used HCM Applications in major big companies and multinationals. Hence, there has been an array of questions that people ask about the authenticity and effectiveness of the UltiPro login site. Here is a list of the most FAQs regarding this app- 


  • Is it possible for an aimbridge UltiPro UKG employee to log in? How?

Ans: To get the proper and accurate login, the employee needs to follow the steps- a) to log in to UKGPro UltiPro Portal, one needs to click on the following website-  Next, he must go to the Menu option and choose the Myself option from there. Last, he needs to provide the Aimbridge Aid logo and hit enter. 

  1. Please mention the process for OSF employees to have a successful OSF UltiPro login?

Ans: To get quick access, the employee needs to open the web browser. In the URL section, he/she must paste the following URL and hit enter- Next, on the website, entering the username and password given from OSF Health care organization will let them have a successful login. 

  1. Please guide us with a thorough process of how to first-time login to the UltiPro app.

Ans: If it is your first time to log in to this UltiPro app, you need to follow the below steps one at a time-

First, you have to contact the HR administrator to get access to the UltiPro account. You will need to provide the company URL. 

Second, you need to put your company details and password of your company. The password is by default your date of birth in DD/MM/YY format. 

Next, after logging in to the self-service, you would need to change the default password to have personal access to it. The new password is a prerequisite for access. Hence it is important to verify the user. That process continues through some steps mentioned below.-

Before setting up a new password, there will be three challenging questions on the screen. You can answer them and get a direct option for changing your password. Or else, if you choose the ‘forgot password option’, then a prompt will appear on the screen with the answers to your questions.

Or you can go through another link provided below for first time easier access-


The above article gives you the details of how to log in to the UltiPro app for the employee from home. Both the ways of logging in through desktop and mobile have been mentioned here in detail. Also in mobile, we have provided how to log in through the browser as well as through the app.