The first thing that pops in your mind when considering which boiler to install is how much hot water you might need now and in the future. While that is just accurate enough, many other aspects need to be taken into account when considering new boiler installation as opposed to boiler repair. Small households that are not looking to expand their space might do with the combi-boiler. This is what you will be told by any boiler repair experts, and it is accurate. If still in doubt, you can check out the educational content on to shed some light on the issue

It is possible for small households to have many bathrooms with high hot water demand, which is okay. But such arrangements can do with system boilers, according to experienced boiler repair experts. In this case, you should go for system boilers that utilize a hot water storage cylinder. Note that your choice of boiler will impact the process of selling family home, if you need to sell your house quickly.

What else do you need to consider?

1. Size of Property

Maybe you need a combi-boiler because you have a young family. If that is the case, be careful because your hot water demand will definitely go up as the family grows. It is advisable to go for a system boiler because they are programmed to pre-heat and store water in the cylinder. The added advantage is that its output can be customized to fit the level of hot water demand at home.

However, if you feel that there is no need for a system boiler when the family is young, you can go for the combi one. You can start with one of 30 kW, but your gas safe engineer will advise you accordingly. Make sure to talk to one before you make up your mind. Also, talk to boiler repair professionals, and they will let you know the preparations that you need to make before the main project commences.

2. Heat Loss

The heat loss in your property is an important aspect that can affect your choice of boiler. It is an advanced circulation that you need to consider, not only the floor section but also the number of radiators you have. The insulation and many other factors might also impact the functionality of your heating system. A gas safe engineer will calculate the amount of heat that your property might lose on cold days throughout the year. The will use the information to determine the right boiler for your property.

No Need To Oversize

Previously, people used to use larger boilers than the ones recommended by experts to compensate for the heat loss. Today, technology has advanced, and there is no need for you to oversize. Instead, the decision might lead to wasted energy, making you pay higher bills than what you actually need for your home.

About Combi and System Boilers

There are two types of boilers that you can install in your home. Note that you cannot install both combi and system boilers at the same time.

1. Combi Boiler

Combi boilers function as sealed systems. They are used to provide water for both the central heating system and taps. They directly heat water from the mains, and only when it is needed. This implies that there is no need for a storage cylinder when you have a combi boiler at home.

The good thing with combi boilers is that they are cheap, easy to install, and they do not require more space to have at home. Since they heat water directly from the mains, you can enjoy a more powerful shower.

The drawback of combi boilers is that it is more of a priority system. This means that it can only satisfy one need for hot water at a time. It is suitable for smaller families. Larger families will always suffer poor flow rates. Therefore, they will not be happy with combi boilers.

2. System Boiler

These systems are fitted to sealed heating systems. Unlike combi boilers, they work on the principle of having hot water stored in a cylinder. Therefore, they can be used to feed several needs at the same time. You won’t need a cistern in the loft alongside expansion vessel installed.

You will like these systems if you have a large family with increased demand for hot water throughout the year. Also, the installation is much faster as they come with most of their components readily fitted. If your large home needs a new boiler installation, you might need this type as the flow rate is usually high.

It is wrong to think that the system boiler will provide you with hot water even if overused. Even as the water gets preheated, the cylinder has a limited size, which is why you still need to avoid wasting hot water.


Things like available space and the available system can also be used to determine the best boiler to install. Those planning on selling family home must always leave their property in good condition to attract many buyers. This can only happen when you choose the best boiler as per the size of the property and space available.