Are you a globetrotter who appreciates flowers? Then, you could be familiar with Oman’s rose harvest that takes place between March and May. Or, Amsterdam’s tulips galore each spring as you take a cruise tour. Is it possible to replicate such an experience in your backyard? Yes. Only that, you must know how to keep the flowers blooming. That’s why, in this quick guide, we want to give you quick gardening tips on how to maintain blooming roses in your home garden. We chose roses, for they are a fragrant delight that will permeate every home. Here is the quick guide: –

Pick the Right Plant Size and Spacing

When you plant your rose bushes, ensure each tree has ample space for the flowers to blossom. This way, they will spread out without looking crowded. Thus, dig a planting hole of between 15 to 18 inches wide. Then, space the plants at least two thirds of their expected most considerable height apart. Plant spacing depends on whether you are planting fresh, old, or miniature plants.

Ample Sunshine is a Prerequisite

Now, when you are growing roses in your garden, know that they crave lots of sunshine. Thus ensure your garden has access to at least six hours of sun. Yet, you have to ensure that they are safe from excessive sun and wind that can dry them up. So, pick disease-resistant shoots that can withstand the prolonged sunshine. Space them at least 3 feet apart to that the sunlight can permeate to the base.

Supply All the Nutrients Needed

Supply your rose plants with essential nutrients throughout their growing season. Do this by maintaining a regular fertilizing schedule. First, use natural fertilizers and compost to keep the plant soft and tender. Such fertilizer will not attract pests. Second, sprinkle granular fertilizer along the drip once a month. Add a tablespoon of Epsom salts or magnesium sulfate to stimulate new blossoms. Bury banana peels near the base of each plant. They are a source of essential magnesium, calcium, sulfur, and phosphates nutrients.

Clip the Spent Blossoms

Prune your roses to remove the spent blossoms, plus the dead and diseased canes in readiness for spring. This way, you will encourage fresh blossoms to emerge resulting in a compact growth.

Keep Your Plant Bases Clean 

Always keep the base of your rose plants clean.  For decomposing leaves at the bottom tend to breed diseases and harbor pests.  These pests then make their way up the stems to further destroy your plants. Hence, maintain a daily routine of checking and cleaning your flower vases or flower beds.

Use Moist and Fertilized Soil

Next, rose plants need soil that stays moist all the time. Hence, ensure that you water your rose bushes at least twice a week. Then apply thick mulch on the bases to further conserve the moisture when the sun is up. Remember to apply rose fertilizer after every six weeks starting from early spring.


Now, we know that rose plants are healthy when their velvety petals begin to bloom and scent the air. In contrast, a chocked rose bush may never blossom. Hence, exercise a proper care routine for your rose shrubs. Then, sit back and watch as they reward you with blossoms for the entire growing season.