How to Have a Happy Marriage

Most people think that love and harmony in sex are the keys to keeping a marriage happy. But in fact, for marriage to be sustainable and full, you need more than that. So what do you have to do to keep the temperature between family members always warm? Let’s continue scrolling down to find out more with me.

Talk and share

Sharing is important in a relationship

Couples must be able to share feelings. You need to talk about difficult topics together. Whether you or your spouse make a big mistake, you still have to sit down, start the stories to find a way to reconcile.

If not resolved early, these problems will become a jumble. It is even the cause of both of you being apart. The more time you spend on straightforward talks, the more comfortable you will be later.

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Promote relationships outside your marriage

You may have gone on the girls’ trips long ago when you were married. Yes, you should have plenty of time to be with your family. But weekends with friends are also important. Talking to other people and enjoying new experiences will make you a more interesting person for your partner. Sometimes, in a relationship, you should keep a certain distance. It is enough to let your partner always find you interesting to explore.

Grooming your appearance

Cultivate the appearance makes you not be bored in your partner’s eyes 

With years of marriage and a few babies being born, it’s easy for your appearance to slip down a long way. Remember the first time you met your partner. Will you walk around with sloppy and non-brushed clothes? No, of course. I’m not saying that you have to look like Jennifer Aniston while presenting in the popular Friends series. But I have seen too many couples transform spectacularly about their appearance after marriage. It’s not good at all.

Don’t be lazy in taking care of your appearance. At least pay your spouse according to your courtesy like your friends by repairing your appearance for him or her once after a certain period.

Practice honesty

If you spend more than average and find yourself hiding your bills every month in a secret place, you can bet it will come back to hit you. Whether you are borrowing to buy an apartment or merely talking about the cost of your last vacation, these money problems are finally brought to light with a credit report. Money is always a ‘hot’ thing. And it will be a problematic way to regain trust for your spouse if you’ve lied about overspending.

So if you feel you need to be honest with your partner like before, you have to say something – right now, as soon as possible. Maybe, you have to learn this lesson hard. I have encountered many cases that couples have left communication problems for months. It takes a third party – and a real investment from them – to get them back on track. Very unsatisfactory, isn’t it? Then be honest right now.

Enjoy the silence

Facing the problem is what you need to do. However, sometimes, one of the proper ways to solve the challenge is to stay away from it. Not everything has to be resolved by direct action. We know that not all hurtful words are intentional. Give away as much as possible. Forgive more. And sometimes, don’t forget to remind yourself why you want to marry that person. Focus on those reasons so that the relationship gets better and better.

Don’t forget to praise your partner in a correct way

Do not hesitate to praise your spouse

Many marriages are underestimated in quality. Why? Your partner doesn’t feel highly appreciated, either. They do not show their appreciation to you. Gradually, the relationship will become obscured by the feeling of absence and see the effort as visible.

I think couples end a long day by saying thanks to each other for even small actions of that day. It could be a dry laundry or a delicious dinner, and so on. And I’m sure, and if you’re already a family, you always make your loved one something sweet every day. Do not hesitate to say true love to them.

Not only does your partner feel appreciated after your compliment, but you also start training yourself to do good things. Special note, when you date, praise each other’s looks.

Feel each other’s breath

This thing may sound like a weird practice, but it is a powerful key to enhance your intimacy. At close times, place your hands on the opponent’s chest or abdomen and feel your partner’s breathing. Try to sync your breath together for a minute. Better yet, some couples also look at each other’s eyes while doing so. I guarantee that the chemical reaction between the two will become stronger than ever.

Show respect

Respect does not require sex, appearance, nor love. There will be many times when you feel like you don’t love your spouse at all, that’s absolutely true. But you will never want to lose respect for them because once you lose, it will never return.

People who have been divorced or are only with their partners for 10-15 years think that communication is the most crucial part of the relationship. Talk often openly about all problems, even when it hurts. Divorce also comes from such debates, and divorced people say their stories focus on discussions, communication is their problem, and what they need to change.

Don’t dig each other’s past stories

A long-term relationship is maintained through mutual respect

Before getting married, who don’t have their own stories? For this person, the old love may be transient and fuzzy, but for the other, it may be necessary. But now once you are determined to come together for life, you must forget each other’s past. In fact, there have been many broken marriages just because one of them deliberately digs into the history of the other as to challenge the faithfulness of his mate. It was a big mistake. When you want to build a happy marriage, you voluntarily bury your past and your partner’s life, not with a bitter mood but with a determined determination.

Not necessarily everything is clear

Honesty is a precious and necessary virtue in love, but there is no need to be honest in every case because the truth is sometimes not as good as we think and can harm the person you love. How to know the necessary distance between reality and goodwill? First, put yourself in the perspective of how you will feel, if you are hurt, you should not choose honestly. Moreover, the query that he/she did not want to talk about was to avoid causing harm. They don’t want to tell because they know the truth is not necessarily fun!

Final words

In my opinion, happiness is only relative. It depends on each’s acceptance of what he or she has because this life has nothing or perfect integrity. Sometimes what you feel is very normal in your marriage but is the desire of many others. So try to cultivate your relationship when you can.

I hope this article will help you have a sweeter marriage. If you have any comments, please do not hesitate to share with me. Thank you for reading.