Travel Australia

Did you know one of the best ways to see the land down under is in a campervan? Because so much of this nation is rugged wilderness, traveling by campervan will give you the freedom to go off the beaten path. Experiencing the real Australia has never been easier!

When it comes to seeing the best of this gorgeous country, it can be hard to know what to see and do. There are no limits to what you can explore with a campervan, but having a good idea of your must-dos will help guide your trip. In this article, we’ll define exactly what to see and do while traveling by campervan in Australia.

#1. The Great Barrier Reef

It wouldn’t be a trip to Australia if you didn’t see the Great Barrier Reef. Believe it or not, this reef is the only living thing that can actually be seen from space. Why not see it up close? If you’re traveling by campervan, there are a number of places you can stop to see the Great Barrier Reef.

Most travelers start in Port Douglas and make their way along the coast. While you’re traveling, it’s definitely worth chartering a boat to snorkel or dive along the reef. With over 2900 individual reefs, there’s so much to see.

#2. Karijini National Park

In Western Australia you’ll find Karijini National Park. This is a famous spot for rock climbers and hikers in particular, but you don’t have to be into outdoor sports to take in the beauty of this national park. There are a number of campervan locations here, so you’ll be able to soak up the view right from your van. Some of the sights here are seriously out of this world.

#3. Thredbo

Located in the New South Wales Snowy Mountains, Thredbo is one of the best getaways in both the summer and the winter. Thredbo is a ski resort that boasts Australia’s longest ski trail, but there are plenty of activities to enjoy when the weather heats up as well.

Take your campervan through the Snowy Mountains and then kick back and relax at Thredbo. You definitely won’t get tired of the view. Find accommodation in Thredbo through Lantern Apartments to make the most of your stay.

#4. Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road (GOR) might be the best place in Australia for campervan travelers. This 243 kilometre shoreline offers the best views of the ocean. Experience one of the world’s most stunning coastlines, complete with iconic surf breaks, rainforests, and waterfalls.

Stop along the journey to take in the towering rocks, some of Earth’s tallest trees, and a variety of wildlife. You’ll see why so many travelers flock to these shorelines year after year.

#5. Sunshine Coast

Finally, if you’re traveling in Queensland, make your way to the Sunshine Coast. This is an area located in south west Queensland that rests between the city and the Pacific ocean. Here, you can visit the beach, visit Mapleton Falls National Park, or even see Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo. It’s a great place to see a variety of what Australia has to offer.

Enjoy Your Campervan Road Trip

You’ll quickly discover that there’s an endless list of things to see and do in Australia. Traveling by campervan is the best way to see the top sights and do the most, but you’ll still have to make decisions about what you really want to do.

If you’re not sure how to start your road trip, these ideas above are all great picks. Whether you want to take in stunning coastline or the Snowy Mountains, there’s something here for every type of traveler.