How to Dress for the Summer

Dressing for the summer is quite challenging, especially if you don’t know what to wear and how to wear it. With the hot summer temperatures, you may have to reveal most of your skin as well as your body and consequently have less skin to either stylishly cover up or create a beautiful silhouette.

Putting together a unique summer outfit every day is undoubtedly demanding since you don’t have jackets, layers, and scarves at your disposal to experiment with. You, therefore, have to resort to sundresses and short shorts which require a lot of styling, especially if they come with thigh chafing as well as a perpetual wedgie.

Nonetheless, we the below hack, you can be sure to get your dressing sorted for the rest of the summer.

#1. Style out with Pops of Color

Summer is a season of freedom, and you may want to break your daily dressing routine. Dress in layering naturals (gray or blush) and accessorize with pops of color. You can also try out florals-think of a staple dress, skirt, or blazer and pair it with bold colors and accessories, especially when heading out to the office. If you love experimenting with colors, try out pattern mixing. Start with stripes and florals, which is the easiest to blend as you head out to more complex patterns such as polka dots, tribal prints or paisley. This will give you an overall summer look without so much hassle.

#2. Go for Bodysuits

Due to the hot weather as well as the sweaty feel, you do not want to put on something tight as you’ll just get too uncomfortable. A fitted bodysuit is not overly tight and enables you to stay secure all. Additionally, it gives you freedom-as you move, the tank tops ride up and also smooths your belly as it holds up. Bodysuits also allow free flowing air into your body, which wicks away the massive summer thigh sweat that can get uncomfortable sometimes.

#3. Choose Cotton or Silk over Polyester.

Since you sweat a lot during summer, it’s best that you choose breathable natural fabrics such as cotton or silk over synthetic fabrics like polyester. With breathable fabrics, you will accumulate less sweat and also when you sweat; the clothes don’t stick you, which is sometimes uncomfortable.

#4. Dress in Thin Layers

For the summer, you may want to dress in light, airy layers cover up such as thin layered blouses or tunics. Thin layered cover-ups may be transparent(see-through), but you need not worry since you will be wearing it with either your bikini or singlet underneath.

#5. Invest in good summer dresses

To get stylish yet comfortable in the summer, you need at least five glamorous summer dress. There are a variety of dresses may acquire for the summer, including a high summer beach dress, a summer day dress, a work dress, a summer evening dress as well as a maxi dress. For the summer beach dress, it should be shorter than your other summer dresses and also ideal for the beach. The summer evening and day dress should be stylish maybe asymmetrical with bold colors for a summer look. A maxi dress is a perfect choice for vacations as they are easy to accessorize and still appears glamorous. These dresses can easily be obtained from Chesca Direct.

#6. Try out short shorts

Summer dress style is really incomplete without short shorts. With shorts, it’s advisable not to go for extremely tight shorts as they tend to ride up and become underwear, thus making you uncomfortable. Try out cuffed boyfriend shorts which are currently on trend and overly classy exposing your mid-thigh and your curves.

#7. Accessorize with hats and sunglasses

Summer is characterized by intense sunlight, and you may end up getting sunburns if you don’t take the necessary precautions. Sunglasses and hats are the perfect way to cover up your eyes and skin from the intense sun rays. Additionally, they are a classic summer fashion and gives you a youthful and hip appearance. Try out different shades as well as various shapes and colors of sunglasses.


Summer is that time of the year that comes with a lot of excitement thanks to the spirit of warm weather and lots of adventure. Nonetheless, dressing for the summer can be quite challenging due to intense heat and humidity that can cramp your style. For the summer, it’s essential to maintain a simple chic style and use accessories to make casual summer outfits more interesting. With the above tips, be sure to have a cool summer.