How to Decorate Your House

Shelf made of a ladder, lampshade made of a wallpaper, table made of a stump. In this article we suggest how to create original decorations out of inconspicuous objects. Read it, do some reconnaissance at home and get on with it.

Practical approach

If you are planning to buy a new table, bookcase or lampshade, you will first look around the house, attic or basement. And you will find real treasures there – objects that you breathe new life into, transforming them into unconventional and functional decorations. With little effort and minimal financial outlay you can turn a wooden stool into a night table (just add a shelf, paint it and cover the seat with wallpaper or mosaic). From pieces of linen or lace napkins you will sew a new lamp shade, and the forgotten zinc bucket will be wrapped with colored cords or ribbons and you will start using it as a cover for a pot or a container for small objects.

On the rungs to the… arrangements

The old wooden ladder doesn’t have to hide in the basement. Refresh it by wiping it with sandpaper and painting with stain. Let it serve as the base of the shelf. All it needs for company are shelves made of glass, wood, metal or plastic. Just right for family photos or souvenirs. Keep your balance. Do not place too heavy objects on the glass shelves of the ladder. Position them so that the shelf is evenly loaded. In addition, you can attach the ladder to the wall with a hook and attach the shelves to the rungs with a two-sided tape.

Cupcake soaps

It’s also worth melting the remaining soap into new ones. When you have collected their cups, pour half a glass of water over them. Next day heat up until they dissolve. After removing from the fire, add a spoonful of olive oil and dried herbs or flowers. Pour the mixture into the moulds. Leave to cool.

Levitating flowers

Slim glass vases or laboratory test tubes, hung on colourful ribbons, just ask for flowers. Today it can be heather, tomorrow it can be roses and in spring it can be tulips.

Enjoy your reading

A handy library by the bed or armchair is what it is! Place the books against the wall in a high post. To make them easy to use, install thin shelves every 30 cm.

Wallpaper diffuser

Fold the wallpaper sheet into a harmonica. Punch holes in both ends and stiffen with wires (bent in circles). Glue the side of the lamp together. Paste the ribbons through the holes at the bottom and the top of the lampshade. Hang it on the bulb cable.

Mobile table

This will occur when you screw four legs on wheels to the trunk from Rill or IKEA. Remember to not go too far with it, if you find a nice white coffee table that you like don’t hesitate to buy it if goes along with the rest of the furniture.

For the collection

After the last thorough cleaning you have discovered that you are a happy owner of twelve wicker baskets, ten ancient bottles and a few cups without a pair? It’s a pity to throw them away, because they are connected with memories, family stories? That’s great. Make them the leitmotif of a room – on the wall, in a chest of drawers, in a bookcase. At your discretion. Refresh your wicker with a solution of warm water and baking soda, or pull with white or coloured paint. Decoupage the bottles or paint them with glass paint. Group the cups under a glass shade or hang them on ribbons under a shelf.

Hats off!

Attach straw hats or even coloured knitted berets to the wall. They look best when grouped together.