Motocross Bedrooms For Your Children

Decorating your children’s bedrooms is always a fun project to do. Most of you might think that it can turn out to be expensive, but the good news is that there are many ways for you to do it yourself. You can even get your child or your whole family involved in the process, which can be a fun family bonding idea

Here are some of the unique decorating ideas to turn your child’s bedroom into a motocross haven.

#1. Toolbox dressers or cabinets

If you are on the creative side, creating toolbox dressers or cabinets for your children’s motocross bedroom is a unique idea. Your husband can help you out, too, with the nitty-gritty woodworks, if it is too much for you to do.

The great thing about this idea is that you can work with your children’s existing furniture; you do not have to buy anything new. All you need to do now is to have a little patience to browse through Pinterest or other websites for countless “how to decorate ideas” where you can get inspiration from.

#2. Motocross rocker

If you do not want to go over the top with a permanent motocross theme in the room, you can go subtle by incorporating motocross furniture such as a motocross rocker, instead of the typical horse. For the rest of the room, you can paint the walls in shades that match your rocker.

This type of design works best if you have young toddlers, as to be quite blatant about it, they will not care about the room design so much. The presence of the motocross rocker is enough to make them feel like a real motocross pro. Plus, it makes your room versatile, too, as later on, your child might want to move towards other themes as they grow.

#3. Industrial-themed design

If your children are older, they will appreciate all the tiny details that you put into making their motocross bedroom a dream come true. As a starting point for your DIY project, you can go for a full industrial designed room.

First, you can start with painting the walls on a shade of red, dark blue, or gray. There is even cement-finish paint available in the market now. If you have a chance to find old wheels for sale, you can use these recycled wheels to put on the four corner legs of their bed, for example, or pile them on top of each other to make a chair out of wheels.

#4. Frame up photos

If you kid has started going on motocross practices, training, or even competitions, you may have taken quite a lot of photos of them while on the bike. Adding this personalized touch to your design will surely make your kids extremely happy and special. To level up your motocross design and make it even more unique, you can use smaller and old tires as circular photo frames to be hung up on walls.

#5. Motocross-themed curtains and covers

Their birthday might be coming up, and they have always been wishing for a motocross-themed room. However, you may be on a tight budget right now. One of the most inexpensive ways for you to create a motocross room is to change all their beddings into a dirt bike design set.

You can change the sheets while your child is away for school, and when they come home, it will be an enjoyable sight to see that their sheets, comforter, pillowcases, and even their curtains are all motocross-printed.

#6. Wall decals

If you take a quick browse on Amazon or other online-selling companies, you will find many wall decal options. Wall decals are wall stickers that you can put in a room to match a room’s design or to be a standout piece.

For example, you can paint your kid’s room with a plain color of gray or red, and stick an all-black motocross decal on top of the bed’s headboard, or side tables. Albeit minimal, it is also a clean and classy option to not go over the top with your design. Plus, it can also be easily removed later on in case your children want to move on with another design when they’re older.


Motocross, also known as dirt biking, still is a classic favorite among young boys. Boys will always love motorbikes, plus the thrill of flying the bike through humps, or splashing on mud and dirt. If you have a motocross enthusiast at home, you can follow this guide to create unique motocross bedroom design ideas. Your children will love their room more and will consider it their motocross den.