truck Vent

Vent shades are great to add to your semi-truck because they let you breathe in fresh, natural air while driving. However, there are many types of shades in the collection of Iowa 80 semi truck accessories, so which one should you buy? Below you’ll find information about different types and some tips on picking ones that are right for your truck.

Top-Only Shades

These truck vent shades extend just over the uppermost part of the window and are the smallest shades, making them great for your back windows. Despite their smaller size, top-only shades can slightly soften the sound of howling winds and prevent snow, rain or hail from getting in your cab. The ones made out of stainless steel are especially tough and can withstand the impact of hail, which means you won’t have to deal with broken windows.

Quarter-Size Shades

Vent shades also come in quarter-size, a happy medium between top-only and full shades. They cover the entire top of your window and extend one-fourth of the way down. You’ll still get trustworthy protection from weather and wind. These work perfectly if you already have a piece of equipment, such as a light, attached to the bottom part of your window frame that prevents water from collecting on the lower part of your window.

Full Shades

Full vent shades provide go all the way across the top of the window and down its left side, but the shades will not reduce your visibility because they are transparent. These shades are recommended if you drive in harsh weather conditions or through areas that might have flying debris. Because of their complete coverage, full shades offer the highest level of window protection and the greatest decrease in wind noise.

With vent shades, you can personalize your truck and make your long trips safe and comfortable. Contact an expert and begin transforming your truck today.