Student Accommodations

Student accommodations are an important part of studying abroad. When you are sending your child overseas or plan to travel yourself, you need some help finding the right place to stay. You should not assume that you need to stay in a hotel, and a hostel is far too crowded to be helpful during the school year. The tips listed below will help you find the perfect place to stay.

Find A Lodging Company

Finding a student accommodation requires that you work with a company that helps with lodging and rentals. The rental company has a number of options in all the most popular cities for college students. You can look through several floor plans, check prices, and even take a tour online. The lodging company can help book lodging quickly, and they will handle everything from your payments to upkeep of the facility.

How Big Is The Room Or Suite?

Some kids are traveling abroad as part of a program that was designed just for them. These students may choose to live alone, or these students may travel with a group. You should look at suites that will help a solo traveler stay safe. You can find a suite big enough for your group, or you could get a solo apartment in a large building that is filled with other students.

Cooking And Bathroom Facilities

The suites or rooms that you find should have a private bathroom and kitchen. A suite will have a kitchen that everyone can use in the commons area, and a solo room should have its own bathroom. You can even get into a suite where each bedroom has its own bathroom. You want your student to have a bit of privacy. Plus, you can check prices based on the number of amenities that are offered.

Does The Facility Have Security?

College dorms have a sing-in desk that tracks people who come in and out of the building. You can check each building for the same type of security. You will feel better if there is a security officer at the front desk who asks people to sign in. Plus, that security officer should have a series of security cameras that help them keep people safe. These facilities should have one entrance and exit so that traffic flow can be controlled.

How Much Does It Cost?

Overseas student housing should not be priced like a hotel. You can check prices for each facility that you have sampled, and you can even contact the facility to ask about special rates. Some schools have an arrangement with certain facilities, and you should ask about special pricing that may apply to you or your child.

If your student is staying overseas for a long period of time, you will often get a discount because of the length of the stay. If you are sending a group, you can get a suite that will be split between three or four people.

Is The Facility Close To The School?

You must know that the facility is close to the school, has access to public transportation, and is in a safe area. You can check crime rates for the city, and you can read a transit map to see where the train or bus is. If the school is close, the students can easily handle the commute.


You can search for student accommodations in advance of a trip abroad, but you must check the location, price, and amenities. You can ask about security at the facility, and you may even receive a discount or special rate because of a partnership with the school.