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We all must have realised the opportunity of traveling when the whole globe got shut down for some months. But there’s some added happiness of road trips with friends and family. However, the pleasure can soon turn into a nightmare if vital accessories aren’t in your car. Are you shocked?

Simple road trip accessories add extra comfort, happiness, and better entertainment during the hours behind the wheels. However, a good selection of accessories should be preferable. To assist you, we’ve come up with 10 car accessories for your road journey.

  • Wireless car charger

No matter you’ve got a fully-charged battery while leaving your home, you will still require a charger if the length of your journey is whacking. Admit it! There are types of chargers that can fulfil your goals, but the wireless car charger comes in handy. It gets the job done with a gut and easy-to-use design. It has 3 in 1 device; along with holding your phone, it incorporates a video dashcam and fast wireless charging.

  • Puncture repair kit

A flat tire will never send you an SMS beforehand; you’ve to be well-prepared for it. For that, you must have a puncture repair kit so that you repair your flat tire whenever you get stranded on the road. Also, it’s not difficult to get one for your road journey. Even if you’re not so good at fixing a flat tire, the manual inside the kit will get your job done.

  • Air pump

After you’ve got a puncture repair kit, you will need an air pump to inflate your tires. Actually, both of them go hand-in-hand. If you’ve tubeless tires, then at some point, you’ll need an air pump. It will help you to cover some distance until you find a repair shop. If you’re driving in hilly areas, then the air is likely to get out of the tire; in that case, the air pump will become your friend.

  • Roof carrier

Partying with friends on a road trip has a different kind of happiness. You may agree with us! Well, if luggage sits comfortably inside your car where you and your friends are going to enjoy, then the inconvenient atmosphere could get created. Here comes your saviour- roof carrier. It will help to keep all your luggage upon your car’s roof without having to negotiate with the seating. No doubt, this is a must-have car accessory if you’re going for several days trip.

  • Portable fridge and warmer

Friends, music, and chilled drinks (of course, non-alcoholic) – what a road trip combination! Though it’s not one of the must-have accessories for your road trip, you should consider keeping it. It will keep your food and drinks fully secured throughout your trip. If not during the journey, then you can utilise it in your home or office.

  • Driver-friendly car waste bin

Who doesn’t enjoy a cleaner car during a road trip? Piling up of trash is likely to happen during a road journey. As you’re going to enjoy your meals; tissues, wrappers, etc., can make your car untidy. A driver-friendly car waste bin will offer you a perfect solution to your road trip problem with zero compromises to your driving experience. Its leak-proof and odour-sealing nature makes it a unique accessory.

  • A central armrest

This is specifically for the drivers! Modern cars that cost above 10 lakhs will usually have this feature, but below those cars don’t have. When you drive for hours in a row, your arms may get fatigued holding the steering wheel. That time, you’ll need to give rest to your hands. But manufacturers have come up with a solution to prevent this situation. That is a central armrest that can be fitted upfront.

  • A car mount phone holder

Are you an Instagram lover; also, do you love to scroll down its news feed when getting bored? If yes, then this should be the most essential thing during your road journey. With the car mount phone holder, you can navigate roads and attend to calls without taking your eyes off the road. This will come in handy if you own an old car that doesn’t have in-built navigation.

  • Rear vision backup camera

During a happy-going road trip, you may not like to end up hitting your car unknowingly while parking. For this purpose, a rear-vision backup camera has been developed; it will make your car parking like a cakewalk. It works more than a camera! It offers a full view of what’s happening at your back while taking a reverse and also alerts you of danger. Additionally, it has a night vision quality that makes night parking easy.

  • Perfume diffuser

During a road trip, the spread of an unpleasant smell is likely to happen. For that moment, having a perfume diffuser will be of great help. It is superbly compact and is complete with a sleek exterior. Slowly and steadily, it releases the scent smell to cover up the bad smell of fast food or something else. As it works slowly and efficiently, you just need one for your whole trip.


No matter how old your car is, you have a range of options in the form of accessories to enhance your car and road trip as well. There are also some road-trip gadgets that you can have for your next road trip to make your journey enjoyable. Have them and gain a bit of fun at every part of your road journey.

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