Social Jet Lag

Sleep is a very essential habit that gives you good health and the ability to perform. In recent times, a lot of people are going through different types of sleep disorders. Are you suffering from social jet lag? It’s akin to a real jet lag, a major problem and it’s definitely affecting your health and sleep.

What is social jet lag?

If you are thinking about overseas travel then you might be wrong because social jet lag is a very new term. The effects of it are similar to a true jet lag and if it’s not treated on long-term, it can have an ill-effect on your health. A lot of people are suffering from this symptom.

This symptom occurs when you do not get sufficient sunlight and the body cannot decide when you need to fall asleep. It is a kind of discrepancy and makes you very uncomfortable. In simple words, we need an alarm clock five days a week to wake up which means we are forced to wake up. You are following a time zone forcibly which is not matching your biological time zone.

This is happening because we all have to leave for work really early and we are ignoring the waking time of our body. It mainly affects people with bad sleep schedule, mood swings and sleep dysfunctions. To get rid of such symptoms, it is important to top maintain a regular sleep pattern.

How to fight social jet lag successfully :

Do not drink caffeine in the afternoon – Caffeine can take you out of the drowsiness in the morning but the effects remain for a few more hours. It is better to avoid caffeine in the afternoon and even do not take chocolates. It takes time to get out of your system and it would be night but your body might feel energetic. For all types of sleep disorders, avoid caffeine.

Exercise and sweat – Have time for exercise and sweating, it’s important to flush the toxins out of your body and you sleep well only if you make efforts. You can set a decent target of exercising at least 20 minutes a day and it will definitely help you sleep better.

Consider pillows as important – You can imagine how essential pillows are while sleeping and fighting social jet lag is all about comfortable sleeping. A bad pillow would keep you fidgeting with it for the rest of night and will leave you to sleep deprived. Pillows also contribute a lot in maintaining the right posture or sleep position.

The right pillow keeps the spine and neck problems away. Consider choosing pillows according to your sleep position. Refer to websites that write about the top pillows or the best pillows mainly chose by specialists. Always look forward to investing in a fresh and new pillow.

There are so many types of pillows and mattresses, take time and research well while choosing. Buy pillows uniquely designed, the pillow height must be customized and make sure there are many airflow channels for ventilation. There are pillows ideal for back sleepers and side sleepers and some are also made of hypoallergenic materials and washable too.

Have a light dinner and early – You should never have heavy dinner and at least take your dinner a couple of hours prior to sleeping at night. This improves your metabolism and gives uninterrupted sleep.

Gentle bedtime routine – You can take a hot bath or read books or do any sort of soothing activity that puts you to sleep faster. If you practice any of such habits every night, your body will get accustomed to the routine and you can sleep peacefully.

Sunlight plays a key role :

We cannot believe that the sun plays an important role in maintaining our sleep cycles. To feel energetic in the morning and to sleep well at night, it is important to get the exposure of sunlight. Get out in the morning sun rays, it is beneficial that that afternoon sun.

Avoiding social jet lag :

Social jet lag can be avoided if you make an effort to go to bed early and you must sleep comfortably. Sleep in a proper mattress and make sure your pillows are very cozy and supportive. Keeping yourself awake till late night can be really harmful. Do not keep electronic devices or any kind of bright light near your bed that might disrupt the sleep. As you start healing, you will get a feel of the morning sunshine and get back the rhythm of life.