Sling Puck

During Corona times, a lot of us got enough free time available on our hands. There was enough time to get back to our hobbies and relive the fun of childhood again. For people with families, this was the perfect time to engage with each other on a personal level. 

This is where games like Sling puck proved helpful. With simple rules and excitement of pretty high proportions, people adore this game as the perfect family choice. Moreover, kids love its simple and straightforward concept. 

Read on with us to know why Sling puck is your perfect pastime choice.

Fun game- The truth remains that the fun element in a sling puck never seems to end. As soon as the players start the game, the competition begins to mount. This enthusiasm and excitement only end when the game is about to end. So, if you are tired and bored and can’t seem to find anything to keep your kids busy, the Sling Puck becomes a perfect choice. 

Easy to learn- With kids around, you cannot play a game whose rules are complicated. Kids rarely have the patience and time to hear the rules and even follow them. Mostly the games they play are only about the rules they have set. Hence a sling puck is loved by the children. There is no significant effort required to grasp the rules. Once you understand, there is no way you cannot ace the game. 

Party game– Whether it is a party for children or adults, the sling puck game is optimum for both. As it is, any party aims to have loads of fun, and this game just up the meter. In a party, you will have more than required volunteers to participate in the game for sure. Not to forget that every win would be cheered, keeping your guests and you both happy.

Portable-Best thing about the game is that you may carry it just about anywhere. It is quite portable, and whether it is an outdoor picnic or a vacation, the game can accompany you. The truth is, if you have the time, you can always fill it with a sling puck game regardless of where you are.

Durable– Lastly, the material used in the sling puck game is exceptionally durable. There are significantly fewer chances of the game-breaking down any time sooner. The board, as well as pucks, is made of high-quality strong wood. Apart from that, the puck strings are made of resistant and robust elastic, so they are not going to face any wear and tear.


If you have enough free time these days, spend them on a game of sling puck. The excitement it causes reminds you of your childhood. Involve as many people in the game so that the fun never subsides. 

Make sure you know the rules before the game starts, and everyone actively follows them. It is, after all, a great pastime that encourages the whole family to bond with each other. Build your relationships once again, and use the sling puck to do so.