Highest Paying Engineering Jobs

We all know that engineering is in high demand. But, what does that mean? What kind of job in engineering is going to give you the best salary?

Here we will give you the list of the highest paying engineering jobs and the kind of education necessary to get them.

#1. Biomedical Engineering

Very similar to the track of chemical engineering, biomedical engineering is a booming job market right now. You’ll need to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in biomedical engineering.

These programs generally make CV with templates for every student and the education is standard regardless of which university you attend.

You can expect an average starting salary of around $94K per year with an increase at mid-career to around $109K.

#2. Aerospace Engineering

With the private space race underway, the need is rising for aerospace engineers. Again, you’ll need a Bachelor’s in aerospace engineering to enter the field.

Your starting salary will average of $65K but will see large raises through the course of your career with an average mid-career salary right around $104K.

#3. Materials Engineering

In this interesting field, you’ll be engineering the fabrics and textiles of tomorrow. You’ll also work with metals and different applications in the consumer market.

A Bachelor’s in material science or another related engineering field is necessary to break into the career. You’ll be looking at a starting salary of around $53K where mid-career engineers are paid an average of $85K.

#4. Computer Engineering

Considered the baby in the field of engineering, this new career track is growing exponentially. However, there is a potential for a dropoff of job availability when the next phase of college students graduate as this was touted as the new up and coming career in the Obama administration.

You can still make a pretty penny after getting your Bachelor’s of Computer Engineering with a starting salary of around $64K for a computer hardware engineer. For those experienced in the field, your salary will sit closer to $100K.

#5. Petroleum Engineering

As oil pipelines continue to expand the need for petroleum engineers increases. Your starting salary will be a comfortable $74K which will help pay off the Bachelor’s degree required for the job.

Very experienced engineers will be looking at a salary of around $186K.

#6. Electrical Engineering

If you enjoy the design and testing phases then electrical engineering is right up your alley. You’ll also have the opportunity to supervise sites and enjoy a healthy salary to boot.

Starting electrical engineers make around $57K and mid-career level engineers are looking at $89K a year.

Are Any of These Engineering Jobs For You?

We hope this list of the best-paid engineering jobs gave you some inspiration to head back to school or enter a new career field. More engineers are needed every day so there will be no lack of work.

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