Finding the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

The holiday season is normally the peak part of the year for orders and deliveries, but because various establishments are still locked down, everyone has mostly been at home. 2020 has been anything but usual, especially those in the delivery and courier business. Most people prefer shopping virtually and opting for delivery more than in previous years. It’s been peak season for delivery businesses for most of this year! Because travel isn’t encouraged or even prohibited in some jurisdictions, many plan on having Thanksgiving at home.

What should couriers and home cooks do this year when it comes to the unique circumstances Thanksgiving celebrations face?

Thanksgiving Dinners: A Guide for Customers and Couriers

Even though you may not have the same sized crowd for dinner, your festivities can still happen! Normally, you could try going the regular supermarket route, but we can’t recommend you do that, especially at a time like now. Because of regulations such as having to wait in socially-distanced lines and being allotted a short amount of time inside the store will be a huge inconvenience. Abnormally high demands will lead to scare product availability. No matter what year it is, it can be hard to find the perfect turkey, the star of Thanksgiving. This year your featured centerpiece may be out of stock.

For couriers and delivery drivers, increased demand indicates a great potential for higher profits. Since groceries and pre-prepared food is very time sensitive, this is an opportunity to take in higher revenue from expedited or urgent rates. But the most rewarding facet of all is that you’re helping make the holidays happen.

There are numerous companies that feature fully fixed Thanksgiving dinners that can be delivered directly to your own bubble. With the convenience of delivery, you can forget about the journey to the supermarket and have your ingredients already portioned and ready for you to cook. We’ve recommended a few companies below to help make this year’s Thanksgiving celebrations possible, healthy, and safe.

Harry & David

For Customers: Harry & David offers a substantial range of high-quality ingredients and even pre-cooked, fully curated meals that would be perfect for dinner this Thanksgiving. They ship all across the country, so the only thing you need to worry about is putting your order in. You could get a turkey on its own, just the sides, or the whole meal delivered to your home.

For Couriers: Because this is a national company, this is a great opportunity to expand your delivery range and get the products to new areas of the country. By increasing your service radius, you’ll open up even more opportunities to continue delivering to the area in the future.

Milk Run

For Customers: Milk Run provides consumers with a farmer’s market variety of produce and quality without having to go to the market. Milk Run touts their “farm-to-door” service which lets farmers and producers keep more of the money that is made through their sales. They’re a quickly growing food delivery service that offers high-quality groceries such as coffee beans and organic meats. They offer delivery in the Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, and Austin, TX areas.

For Couriers: In young, urban areas, demand for high quality fresh produce is increasing. Making access to healthy and organic food possible and easy means that customers will be able to eat healthier and take better care of themselves around the holiday.

Fossil Farms

For Customers: Based in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Fossil Farms raises turkeys without cages, hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. The turkeys are also kept on an organic vegetarian diet. In addition to the classic turkey, they also offer their customers other large birds such as goose and duck or exotic birds like ostrich if you’re in the mood to cater a unique Thanksgiving.

For Couriers: Delivering with Fossil Farms means that you’ll be catering to your client’s every desire. Providing delivery to even the most discerning tastes will elevate your business’s reputation as a company who goes out of their way to make sure that their customer’s expectations are satisfied or even exceeded.

Imperfect Produce

For Customers: Imperfect Produce is a countrywide grocery delivery service that prides itself on offering groceries at a discounted rate compared to big chain store prices. They sell produce that isn’t as “pretty” but are perfectly acceptable. Imperfect Produce was born from the desire to eliminate food waste in this country. They offer customers the choice of a weekly or bi-weekly delivery subscription basis.  They also offer even deeper discounted prices if you qualify for SNAP.

For Couriers: Since Imperfect Produce is a national company, you’ll be able to give underprivileged communities and families access to healthy food during the holiday. You’ll be serving customers that previously may not have been able to celebrate the holiday due to financial strain.


For Customers: Much like Fossil Farms, Williams-Sonoma features 100% cage-free, certified organic turkeys that are locally-sourced (from Willie Bird Ranch in California). They also offer options like pre-cooked turkeys or fresh ones. If you decide on the fresh option, they arrive chilled, never frozen, so there’s no need to thaw the meat.

For Couriers: When delivering with Williams-Sonoma, you could make more revenue thanks to expedited rates so that you can deliver the food as fresh as it can be. With such a strong brand presence and recognizable name with Williams-Sonoma, there will always be reliable demand for their goods to reach homes all across the country.

Delivery Made Easier

For customers, convenient deliveries means fresher produce, fewer delays, avoiding holiday traffic, avoiding large gatherings of people, and more time spent at home with your loved ones. Smooth, efficient deliveries help make this Thanksgiving possible.

For the upcoming holiday delivery season, drivers and couriers can use apps like RoadWarrior, Circuit, and Straightaway to help ensure that all the produce and food arrive quickly and without any spoiling thanks to the added efficiency the apps provide.

For example, Straightaway has both fleet drivers and local couriers in mind. It’s a navigation efficiency app that lets delivery drivers and couriers create a navigation path that allows them to complete deliveries in the quickest, most efficient way possible. All drivers need to do is take a photo of their list of addresses with their phone, upload it to the app, and then Straightaway forecasts the best possible route. Thanks to this saved time, drivers can look forward to greater profits, lighter work days, fewer miles on the road, less money spent on fuel, and a holiday started even sooner.