Email Marketing Trends

To lead an organization towards success and positive growth, it is important that you create a strong influence of your business on customers. Undoubtedly, you must be implementing great techniques to represent your business powerfully over the web. But, there are many other easy and proven ways that can help you define your brand magnificently. Email marketing is the best tactic among all which has been delivering great results to small, medium and large business domains. A business can gain a strategic way to create regular sales funnel for their services and products.

Email marketing continuous to be believed a vital communication medium for professional purposes. For the past many years, it has been an extravagant source to convey information in sensible ways. As per the surveys, it has been estimated that on an average, email generates 30 times more return on investments for a business. Even, 95% of business owners and respondents considered it as an important medium to utilize it as their ideal marketing channel.

In today’s cut-throat competition, creating buzz from email marketing is not that easy. There are many other brands that are using the same strategy to get increased traffic, thus, the competition in the inbox has also become so high. If you are looking to get more clicks and views for your website, you need to have an idea about the success factors of running an email marketing campaign.

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While email marketing is not a new concept for business owners and marketers but, the trends are. Email marketing experts examine regular campaigns and market and introduced many trends that can be helpful to beat the market competition. Following such proven trends will not only ensure more clicks but also provide better ROI for the business.

Let’s have a look at Email Marketing trends that are beneficial to receive great admiration in 2019:

  • Create Interactive Emails

Here, the concept is centered around on the mailable ‘Microsites’ that have been widely adopted by the companies for better customer interaction. These are just like email interfaces that you can access in your inbox. After adopting this technique, businesses have witnessed better customer attraction and retention rate. Through this idea, customers are getting quickly engaged and facilitated with clean text which provides to the point information about the event or service. These types of emails include surveys, videos, menu options and social sharing of information. Being a small business owner, you can adopt this technique to get certain promotion results.

  • Use Conversational Tone In Emails

The message you insert in your email should be meaningful as this is the only medium you can convey your ideas to customers. So, it is important that you keep the language conversational in your mail that can quickly captivate customers and compel them to click on CTAs. Being a user, you must have seen the emails that seem to be written by a robot. On the other hand, there are emails that provide a feel of originality. Try to draft the emails in such ways that you are conversing with users and responding to them accordingly. It will generate a great buzz for your promoted service.

Emails are known to be the formal channel to state the things. But, today’s generation is quite moody and easily understands conversational language than the hardcore technical stuff. So, it would be better if you get conversational in your emails and grab users attention through the magical words.

  • Email Optimized For Mobiles

Nowadays, mobile is the king as everything has been moderately managed by these devices within minutes or even seconds. People are gaining a variety of advantages through mobile devices as they are not merely a medium to text or call. Email access is the most important task people are accomplishing via smartphones. In this context, you have to prepare the layout and emails that are mobile compatible and goes well with all types of screen sizes.

Today, there are people who still access mails on desktops but, in 2019, you may not see the scope of desktops as people will be habitual of accessing emails from their phones. Here, email marketers need to assure that the formats they are sending are mobile-friendly and can be easily adjusted on different screen sizes.

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  • Amalgamation Of AI & Email Automation

Setting up an email and sending it out to the desired recipient is actually an important task to be accomplished. And, when it is a list of emails which needs to send out to numerous targeted users, it is time-taking and takes a lot of effort. All this can be achieved within seconds by making use of email automation techniques. Thankfully, AI & marketing are here to resolve this big problem by making the email marketing process far simpler and easier for marketers.

This is not the end, AI and automation methods are quite clever to understand the internal data metrics that a common man may not be able to do. However, the technology of AI & automation is expensive but it would become a beneficial investment you make for your business. It’s up to you that you want to get it done through automation or on your own, aligning & verifying email list is extremely important for better results.

  • Adopt Personalization

 Relevant communication and dynamic content are the ways that attract readers at a glance. These methods are the great ways to create a personalized experience for your customer. They consider that the email is separately drafted for them which make them happy and curious to open the email at once. It’s not certain that it might generate the leads or quality conversions but, it will definitely provide you quality users for your brand which is also a positive aspect for a business.

You can make this happen by adding the name of the recipient which brings a positivity that how valued they are for the brand. We know that it is not that easy and will also take time to draft such emails than the simple ones. But, believe us that it would give you the chance to earn good & better-engaged customers for your businesses. You can use a tool like Outreach to personalize your emails. Take the automation even further by connecting Outreach to your automation platform.

  • Protective Data

Companies have been following a tendency to collect and sell customers data without even thinking about the information’s privacy. As a result, customers are afraid of providing their personal information to any site. It is true that you are accumulating the information for better user experience and connecting them personally. But, for that, you need to build a trust in them that you will keep their data safe and use it only when it is required for a genuine purpose.

This will eliminate the fear of data harassment in them and help them share data freely to the corresponding website. Initiate email marketing with this trend and you will never ever get failure in your venture.

  • Try Predictive Analysis

Making predictions about the customers’ behavior and activities can take you one step ahead of the process. Here, you will be prepared with foolproof plans that can proceed your brand towards better conversions. Measuring email marketing campaign results is important but, if you know what will work better for your brand, it would be a great measurement you can ever have. Start working on predicting business opportunities so that you can attract customers and accumulate their data to produce amazing results.

The Verdict:

For past many years, email marketing has been used as a great digital marketing strategy to attract new customers towards business. If you are running email marketing and still not getting desired results, try above-mentioned tactics to build strong presence of your business in 2019.