Despite all the advantages DVDs have, they are prone to be damaged easily. For example, DVDs get scratched and damaged easily with time going. After a few times watching, you are very likely to enjoy degrading video quality. Apart from this, there is a chance that you may lose your DVDs given that they are usually stocked in your room corner or piled up on your shelf. That’s why you need to take some measures beforehand in case your favorite DVDs can never be watched again someday. On this account, copying DVDs is absolutely a good way. To deal with your DVD copy thing, DVDFab DVD Copy software is here for you.


What is the DVDFab DVD Copy?

DVDFab DVD Copy software is regarded as one of the best online DVD copy software due to its powerful functions and easy-to-use operation. This DVD clone software enables you to copy DVD to any blank disc or copy them to ISO file or folder with no quality loss and at a fast speed.

Why DVDFab DVD Copy?

Knowing exactly what kind of functions an online DVD copy software features will help you judge whether this software satisfies you or not. DVDFab DVD Copy is an excellent free DVD Copy software for both Win and Mac users. It comes with awesome features. Below are some major features of it.

  1. With this software, you can easily copy DVD to hard drive as ISO image file or DVD file folder as well as to any blank DVD disc in 1:1 ration.
  2. Besides, you can compress DVD 9 to DVD 5 without hassle.
  3. Another remarkable feature that makes DVDFab DVD Copy stands out among countless similar software is that it offers users 6 different copy modes, including Full Disc, Main Movie, Clone/Burn, Merge, Split and Customize, which enables you to copy the entire DVD or any content you may need with one or two mouse clicks. For your better understanding of these 6 modes, here is a brief explanation for you.

Full Disc: copy all the contents of the disc/ISO/folder source.

Main Movie: only copy the main movie title of the disc/ISO/folder source.

Customize: copy any content you want from the disc/ISO/folder source.

Split: split one DVD 9 into two DVD 5.

Merge: merge multiple DVDs into one.

Clone/Burn: clone DVD in 1:1 ration with nothing lost.

How to Copy DVD with DVDFab DVD Copy

#1. Launch DVDFab DVD Copy

Download, install and launch this DVD clone software on your PC by clicking “Free Download” on its product page and following its instructions. Please choose the Copy module. It is necessary to remind you that you can select whatever copy mode you want through the copy mode switcher.


#2. Upload your target source

The next move comes to the uploading of the target source. Speaking of uploading original, this free DVD copy software offers you several ways. If you have inserted your target DVD, then this software will automatically recognize it. Instead of this way, you can also directly click on the “+” button to load a source or drag & drop the source to the center.

#3. Customize your DVD

Once the source is uploaded in, you are free to customize your output video. For example, you can click a wrench icon, going for an Advanced Settings panel, to decide whether output DVD 9 or DVD 5. Besides, you can choose other titles or change chapters. In case you are not sure about your settings, this DVD Copy software is designed with a preview function.


#4. Select your output directory and ready to start

Before initiate the copy process, please remember to select your output directory at the bottom of the main interface. When this is done, it is your time to click “Start”.

In the End

Understandably, it gets overwhelming to decide which one to choose with various DVD copy software in hand. Yet we are pretty confident to say that DVDFab DVD Copy software is the best and easiest solution to deal with how to copy DVD.

After your copying, you can find a DVD player for Windows 10, DVDFab Player 6, also a Mac media player, to open your DVD and enjoy it.