Different Types of Paper Bags

Paper bags have long taken a significant role in an ongoing argument between paper vs. plastic packaging. It has been crucial not only for the environment but also in the market. With paper bags’ importance, various types are being produced. Paper bags for such purposes are now available for newly bought groceries, foods, or garments.

Whether you are aspiring to run a business or currently managing one and who would like to cater to the use of paper bags, wouldn’t it be better if you knew its common types? Apart from just your desire to use paper bags, you will also be able to provide the most suitable and economical ones for your products and customers. Here are some different types of paper bags that various manufacturers like Bagitan Packaging produce. 

Paper Bags with Handles

Handles become an essential part of our life, whether it is for bags, vehicles, stairs, or even on your doors. Handles make our life easier and more advantageous. Average paper bags have no handles so what if there’s one? Well if that’s the case, carrying it will be a lot easier than you actually think. You can even hold multiple paper bags with handles on one arm, giving plenty of space to your other arm.

Grocery Paper Bags with Twisted Handles

Want to buy things and groceries? The coolest way to do it is shopping in an eco-friendly way. Grocery paper bags will surely be the best thing for you. It will let you carry your groceries in a very convenient and affordable way. This kind of paper bag has multiple uses and is 100% recyclable. With the help of its handles, it will be easier to move around. These grocery paper bags with handles are a great way to reduce the amount of waste that is created when shopping. 

Paper Bag with Flat Handles

This type of paper bag is generally used for food services and supermarkets. It is made out of strong materials to withstand a significant amount of weight which is why it is preferable for shopping goods. Because of its nature, flat handles make it easier to fold and store. So it’s your go-to bag when you want to save space and convenience.

Kraft Paper Bag with Rope Handle

Luxurious and sturdy is what this paper bag implies. Frequently used for garments and retails. This type of paper bag is for those who like study bags with greater design. Since it is made of rope handles, it could even withstand a weight of up to 10kg. A very durable bag indeed. Why not consider buying one or two when you go shopping?

Paper Bag with Die-Cut Handle

Imagine a typical paper bag, the one you usually use, available in your retail store, then put die-cut handles in place. You now have a paper bag with a die-cut handle. The difference between this to the other paper bags is that it is more lightweight. However, that doesn’t change the fact that it is also sturdy and good for settling your kinds of stuff in one brown receptacle. Definitely, something to add to your list if buying a useful bag that is lightweight.

Since paper bags are highly appreciated and utilized nowadays, many paper packaging manufacturers, just like Bagitan Packaging, are flexible with their customers’ demands for customizations. Most of the time, these customizations are with the designs, colors, prints, and especially the handles of paper bags.

The handles opt to give concern for the customer’s convenience, so it must be given attention and included in your preferences when considering what type of paper bags are suitable for your business and products.

Paper Bags without Handle

Paper bags without handles are a great way to reduce the number of plastic bags that end up in our environment. If you’re ever at a store and don’t have a handle on your bag, just ask for a paper bag instead. And if you’re ever feeling guilty about using a paper bag, just remind yourself that it’s one less plastic bag headed for the landfill.

Classic Brown Paper Bags

The most popular type of paper bag is made of high-quality kraft paper material.

Classic brown paper bags are the most in-demand and excellent packaging for their versatility and eco-friendliness. As durable, it is perfect for carrying a good amount of groceries, pastries, ornaments, and other items.

Paper Bags for Snacks and Bread

Paper bags are simple yet presentable and are produced to hold snacks, popcorn, bread, and candies. These are usually small but may be customized based on what will be suitable for your products.

As stated, paper bags for snacks and bread are typically made of brown kraft paper. However, there are also specially designed ones like the baguette bread paper bags. With its clear window, the sight of your baguettes will become a delicious treat for the eyes of your customers. Handing out the baguettes or any other loaves of bread contained in these special paper bags will surely present an elegant and sophisticated look for your products.

Custom Printed Paper Bags

No need to stay in line with the traditional plain brown paper bags if you may use your creativity to give colors and style to your own. These custom paper bags with printed logos will make sure to cut your ties with that tradition. Further, create recognition for your business by showing off your logo and brand in this cost-efficient way. Along with making the paper bags unique and impressive by personalizing or printing your logo on the paper bags, your business’ publicity will also be promoted.

Air Sickness / Motion Sickness Paper Bags

By putting yourself in the shoes of the unfortunate passengers and the ones who clean up for them, you will be able to highly appreciate the importance of these paper bags for air or motion sickness. Using these specialized paper bags, keeping the passenger seats clean and sanitized will be easy as they can contain vomit with its high-capacity and eco-friendly material. Furthermore, it can neutralize the odor of vomit, easy to dispose of, and will not slip out of the passengers’ hands.

Paper bags can also be customized with text, business logos, and more.


In conclusion, paper bags come in many shapes and sizes, so finding the perfect one for your needs is easy. One of the most excellent flex of every paper bag user is its recyclable and eco-friendly trait. It is very good for the environment that does not release any toxins. The best part is no marine animals were harmed in the process.

 Whether you need a small bag to hold a few items or a large bag to store bulkier items, there’s a perfect bag for you. So don’t wait any longer. Go shopping today and find the perfect paper bag for your needs! There are many paper bags, each with its specific purpose. Whether you’re looking for a sturdy shopping bag or a decorative tote, there’s a perfect option out there for you. Consider the bag you need and select the appropriate type that is best suited for you. With or without handles, you will definitely love paper bags.