Defense Attorney

Criminal investigation process entails a lot of timeline phases. If convicted of a crime, and you only have to depend on your lawyer, you have to be patient. You have to understand that there must be a series of investigation both the defendant and the complainant

That said, it’s also essential that aside from picking the best lawyer who can defend you, you have to know your lawyer’s strategy on how they can win your criminal case in the court.

Moving forward, you should have an open knowledge about your lawyer’s defense toolbox in defending you. Here are some of the lawyers’ techniques in winning a defendant’s criminal case. Take a look.

Pre-Arrest Representation

The pre-arrest representation happens if there’s an ongoing investigation. If you commit a crime and have received a notification from law enforcers that you must undergo arrest, then you must be in a good position because an investigation will still take place.

That said, it must be your hint of hiring the best criminal defense lawyer. Also, a criminal lawyer can stop criminal charges depending on the weight of the charges filed. They should be able to represent you by all means.

Lastly, your attorney’s job when it comes to pre-arrest representation should manage the flow and passing of information between you and the law officers. Information gathering is a critical phase because it’s going to be a basis if you’re guilty or not with the charges.

Considerable Assistance

Considerable or substantial assistance usually defined as snitching. It is a beneficial tool when it comes to criminal cases. Providing considerable assistance or support must be extremely helpful if you’re not yet charged with a crime because it can prevent criminal charges.

Furthermore, your attorney’s role in providing substantial assistance should be to arrange an agreement between the law enforcers and the District Lawyer to ensure that you’re getting a good deal of information you shared with them.

Work Contracts

Working contracts are usually used by lawmakers when it comes to immense crimes. It includes drug crimes and the process of investigation they’re going to partake. It similarly works like substantial assistance aiming to minimize charges for the defendant.

The Trial

Once your criminal case is under review, your trusted attorney will examine and study the strengths of your claim to ensure that you have strong evidence against the state or the complainant.

The decision of having the case in a trial will be up to the client’s choice. Take note that the trial type and process depend on the weight of the jurisdiction’s charges. Always be patient because the trial schedule may take some time and on the crime severity.

In the same manner, your lawyer will do his best and work on favorable facts of your claim to show to the state that they could not prove your claim beyond reasonable doubt. He should highlight every strength in the opening and closing arguments so that the complainant will have a hard time composing their dispute.

The Plea Agreement

It is essential that your defense attorney should have extensive knowledge about a plea agreement. If you have a high risk of being convicted and your claim is questionable, your lawyer can use an alternative of defending via plea agreement.

In connection to that, your criminal lawyer should be expert in determining whether they can offer a good plea or not. Whatever would be the result, your attorney should maximize all his options to minimize the charges.

Deferral Agreement

A Deferral Agreement is a program where your lawyer should enroll you once convicted with a minor charge. Some deferral program includes treatment, community service, or education classes.

As a result, you don’t have to be imprisoned with minor charges instead your lawyer may appeal to the State for you to take the Deferral Agreement instead.


Generally, a person who’s charged with a crime should always take it seriously because it’s a  critical matter. You still can defend yourself with the help of your lawyer in any given situation to free yourself from guilt or lower the criminal sanction given.

With this in mind, some criminal law experts such as the ones found in provide a list of criminal lawyers’ best practices and techniques so they can defend you to the best of their ability.