Creative Ways to Use Dead Christmas Tree

Mother Nature has led to the existing life on earth and it is our duty to protect what is true and pure in the natural environment. The first thing we need to do is minimize wastage. Minimum wastage will help us to make sustainable developments in the future. That should be our aim and we should help others realize similar ambitions.

#1. Create A Brush Pile

brush pileThe first thing that comes to your mind is how to get rid of the old Christmas tree once the festivities are over. Well, instead of throwing it away, you can create a Brush Pile out of it. This provides nutrition and protection to the wildlife in your backyard or garden, especially during the winter months. It will make a great base and will also help in minimizing wastage.

#2. Use It In The Garden — As a Mulch of Needles

christmas tree mulchsWell, there are many ways in which you can use your used Christmas tree. In fact the used Christmas trees of the whole neighborhood. They can be used for composting and providing quite a bit of insulation for your garden. You can make amazing mulch out of the trees as well. If there isn’t a council who can help you with it then simply gather a few neighbors and hire a mulcher. Then all of you can have great mulch which can easily be stored away for later use.

#3. Real Wreath

christmas tree wreathJust because the festivities are over doesn’t mean that you have to throw away everything that has been used. You can use the Christmas tree branches, a few wires and Christmas flowers to make beautiful wreaths out of them. Not only will they decorate your home, but can also serve as late or maybe extra Christmas gifts for your neighbors or the near and dear ones.

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#4. Festive Fire (Feed a Fire Pit)

feed a fire pitThe branches and trunk of the tree are made out of wood right? So, if you have a fireplace and the wood is nice and dry, you have got yourself a festive fire coming right up. The sap of the tree can also work as a fire starter if you can get your hands on some.

If you want small kindlings for camping or your fireplace, then simply use old candles, needles and small sticks of the Christmas tree to make a stuffing. Stuff them into small egg cartons and it is ready to be used.

#5. Snip ‘n Sniff – Have Fragrance till long time

christmas tree oilWhat do we talk about when the festive season arrives? We say that the smell of Christmas is in the air. Why not keep it that way for an extra month. It is very easy to make pine-scented room fragrance with the leftover tree that will not let the feel of Christmas over for the entire month of January.

#6. Cool Candelabra

cool candelabra from christmas treeThe Christmas lights will come down, but that doesn’t mean that your home will be in the darkness. All you need is a little bit of creativity and you are all set to make cool candelabra for your sweet home. Use strong pieces of the trunk and branches of the tree, use tools to screw them up tightly and after that, you need just a few candles. Light them up and hang it on the porch. Beautiful, isn’t it?

#7. Christmas Tree made Tea

christmas tree teaWell, Christmas trees are not just for decorations or aroma, but can also serve as a source of refreshing beverages. Tea tree is something you can make to energize your mornings. Gather a bunch of fresh green needles. They should the youngest ones you can find. Remove any brown parts present on the needles and chop the rest. Then put them in a pot and pour the boiling water over. There you go – Your refreshing tea is ready.

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#8. Make Coasters, Trivets and Ornaments

Christmas tree ornamentsAnother way to make the used tree even more useful is by using a handsaw. All you have to do is cut a few slices of the tree truck, smoothing them with a sand paper, coat them with polyurethane and you will have your own set of drink coasters and plate trivets. You can also make decorative items and Christmas tree ornaments out of the slices of wood by using glitters, beads and markers. They can serve as both ornamentations for your house or as small Christmas gifts for others.

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#9. Shelter for Fish (Fish-Mas Tree)

fix mas treeSmall fishes like to hide within the branches of the trees. So, if you have a pond or lake nearby, then just lower the tree with a cinder block into the water. This will create a nice new habitat for the fishes or their very own Fish-Mas Tree.

#10. Wildlife Preserved

christmas tree for animalPreservation of wildlife is of utmost importance in the present day scenario. These used Christmas trees and Christmas flowers can serve as good food for the wild animals. You don’t have to feed them directly. You can try donating them to the local zoo, the ones that treat their animals to a few delicious Christmas lunches and dinners.

#11. Create a Bird Sanctuary

christmas tree bird santuaryYou can make a lovely bird sanctuary out of the used trees. The process is very simple and extremely effective. Just take the Christmas tree outside while it is still in its stand and hang filled bird feeders from the branches. If that doesn’t work, you can also drape the tree with peanut butter coated pine cones. That will do the trick and you will have your own personal sanctuary.

#12. Stake Your Plants

Many people have the knack for gardening or the wish to decorate their homes with potted plants. The twigs and sticks of the used tree can be used as a support for the indoor plants in the pots or act as stakes for the unstable seedlings. They can also provide support to the climbers and creepers of the plant family.

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#13. Provide shelter to other Plants (Insulate Perennials)

Christmas means the winter season and winter season is when plants wither and shed their leaves. But there are many trees and plants which have a perennial span which causes them to bloom throughout the year. Even then winter hardships are difficult to survive. The used Christmas tree branches and boughs can be used to protect the beds of these perennial plants from winter and reduce frost heaving.

#14. Edge Your Borders

tree wooden borderFor people with beautiful gardens can easily use the wooden part of the tree for a number of different uses. Gardens are bound to have pathways and flower beds. These beds and pathways can be lined up beautifully with the help of 2 inch thick slices of the wooden trunk of Christmas trees. They not only provide a beautiful look but since they are made out of biodegradable materials, the environment is protected as well.

#15. Stop Erosion with Tree Wall

Stop Erosion with Christmas tree wallA very big problem in the beach areas is the erosion conditions. While we all enjoy our days on the beach, erosion can prove to be a huge menace to the people living in that area. In order to help them out, you can consider donating the Christmas trees of your house and the others living near you to the coastal areas where they can be used to rebuild sand dunes and as the sand particles slowly cover the trees up, further erosion is prevented.

#16. Create Wood Chip Bioreactors

wooden bio reactorOne way to protect the environment and use up the old Christmas trees would be to build a wood chip bioreactor. For that, you need access to a big wood chipper, a number of trees and quite a few other things. It is not a simple project. However, it can be used to reduce the amount of nitrates that are washed away from farmlands into lakes and rivers. Increasing quantities of nitrates are used to increase crop outputs nowadays and are harmful to the humans. The bioreactor encourages the growth of bacteria that break down the nitrates in the drainage water, thus reducing the quantity of nitrates that gets mixed up with the water supply. However, a detailed plan is needed if this project has to be implemented.

#17. Donate Your Tree To A Local Restoration Project

Christmas Trees Donate for projectWhile all these projects are extremely tempting, you may not be able to materialize them due to lack of experience or time or sheer will. However, even without a lot of difficulties you can help out the environment and its various components. There are many local restoration projects that go on from time to time. Why not donate your Christmas trees over there?

Local projects may include protection of fishes by providing fish-mas trees for the baby fishes to hide out. Instead of you doing it with one tree, the experts can get it done very skillfully with many such trees.

Since some zoos let their animals play with the Christmas gifts, you may consider donating the trees to such a project as well, but do remove all the trinkets before donating.

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