With the ever-increasing environmental pollution in our planet today, if every stakeholder and individual in this world doesn’t rise and clean it up, then we will not complain when global warming and other catastrophes hit the globe.

A century ago, the level of pollution was lower compared to what we are experiencing in our millennial age where industrialization and urbanization have taken their roots in various parts of the world. In a bid to curb the consequences, World Cleanup Day has come up strongly to ensure our planet is free of trash.

By organizing successful Clean World Conferences, World Cleanup Day is making this planet a better place to live in. Powered by its cooperation and collaboration, it has shown the world the power of working together towards achieving a certain goal. That’s why the World Cleanup Day held in 2018 attracted millions of participants across the globe.

Having support and participants in over 150 countries across the world, World Cleanup Day saw volunteers, donors, and partners worldwide who came together with one goal of cleaning up the world. Their aim was to clean up litters and other waste in various beaches, streets, rivers, and even forests.

The power of collaboration was made vivid by that one day when the planet is one pursuing one goal. This is one of the few days where there are no disparities or differences that exist in our societies; all levels of society dive in to eliminate waste in the world.

The World Cleanup Day organisation held the 2019 Clean World Conference on the 24th to 27th of January in Tallinn, Estonia. One entity that could not be left behind in making Clean World Conference a success, was Dagcoin.

What is Dagcoin?

Dagcoin can be referred to as an advanced cryptocurrency. The world is slowly moving from cash to other forms of payment. Some years to come, there will be the cashless and contactless mode of payment. That means the Bitcoin and other current cryptos will be viewed as a slow mode of payment. And Dagcoin is there to boost the speed and make it even more easy to use.

Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) coin will soon become one the greatest competitor of Blockchain. Blockchain has not been so smooth in its operations and due to the advancement of technology on daily basis; there is constant evolution in this field hence creating room for new inventions like Dagcoin.

Dagcoin ensures that it is eco-friendly by ensuring that there are no miners. Besides, DAG assures that it will be more centralized and some block issues some be eliminated.

DAG coins are being worked on by IOTA and ByteBall which are known for the Internet of things, Machine to Machine communication, Transfer of Value and Human to Human communication. Why Use Dagcoin?

  • Instant transactions
  • Global payments and worldwide transfers
  • No paperwork
  • There is advanced privacy
  • It is very easy to use
  • There are low transaction costs
  • It is eco-friendly
  • It’s a great investment
  • It is becoming scalable daily a more people join it.

Who is the man behind this technology?

Nils Grossberg and his Dagcoin Ensuring We Have a Clean Planet

The clean world conference organized by the world cleanup day conference is an event that is aimed at bringing together people from all walks of life to participate in nature conservancy. It is a great move that has goals of improving the cleanliness and sanitation of our planet.

This event requires support from all quarters and many volunteers take part in many exercises intended to keep the environment clean. Corporates to take part in these exercises and may participate as either official partners or sponsors. Among the notable partners in this year’s event are Dagcoin and Nils Grossberg.

Dagcoin is an alternative form of payment that is a cryptocurrency unit. It also comes with an efficient affiliate payment mode. Dagcoin was established with the mission of offering an easy and convenient mode of pay that would be available to all. It is a major participant during the Clean World Conference and this move has been really appreciated.

Its move to participate in this event has been met with much appreciation. Its participation is going to highlight the fight that has been mounted in order to ensure that our planet is clean.

Nils Grossberg is the founder of Dagcoin and is a key figure in many community-based projects intended for the welfare of the society. This time around, he is a partner to the clean world conference and his participation is a boost to the bid in keeping our planet clean.


Partners are going to be a huge boost in this movement and the partnership with many parties is encouraged. Nils Grossberg has taken his bold step in ensuring he makes this planet a better place for all of us. You can also join World Cleanup Day wherever you are by ensuring you are making your environment greener, cleaner, and safer.