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While it may never reach the fever pitch it did in December of 2017, cryptocurrency is very much alive and well today. In fact, if nothing else crypto is continuing its slow-but-sure climb to prominence, and technology has risen to meet. Still a major player in the modern fintech marketplace, crypto-centric mobile apps are being developed at what can only be described as an astonishing rate — and iOS-native apps are some of the best the industry has to offer.

The Apple iPhone is an ideal platform for digital currency management. Thanks to the Cupertino company’s focus on encryption and user privacy, cryptocurrency and Apple’s mobile devices go hand-in-hand, helping to keep your investments safe while providing you an impressive amount of innovative and robust features.

Here are ten of the best cryptocurrency apps for iPhone and other iOS devices that are sure to supercharge your own crypto trading and investment activity.

Top Cryptocurrency Apps for iPhone and iPad [iOS Devices]

#1. Coinbase

We begin with the most well-known web-based crypto wallet out there. Coinbase features wallet support for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin, making it an excellent all-rounder. The ability to add funds from bank accounts as well as debit and credit cards provides lots of flexibility, and its security features are quite robust — matching the iPhone’s already impressive security quite well.

#2. BitPay

Coinbase’s major competitor, the BitPay mobile wallet may only provide access to Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash but it is often the go-to wallet when it comes to integrated online payments. Major e-commerce sites like Newegg use BitPay to accept crypto purchases, partially because it’s even more secure than Coinbase — not even BitPay can access your wallet without your own personal authorization. This makes the app very attractive to security aficionados.

#3. Trust Wallet

Made exclusively for the Ethereum blockchain, Trust Wallet is a must for any crypto investor with an eye towards investing in any of the constantly growing ERC-20 or ERC-223 crypto tokens of today and tomorrow. Trust Wallet makes it easy to check your balance and transaction activity for as many different tokens as you like. An intuitive interface and high levels of security make it possible for you to breathe easy, as you can rest assured your Ether investments are protected.

#4. Wirex

So much more than just a mobile wallet, Wirex turns your iPhone into a contactless debit card that draws from your crypto accounts to make purchases wherever Visa debit cards are accepted. This multi-signature wallet app provides support for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple, lets you exchange fiat currencies freely, and even has a crypto-based cash back rewards program for purchases.

#5. Coin Telegraph

Arguably the best source for breaking crypto news and in-depth technological analysis, Coin Telegraph’s insightful content can now be accessed through its very own free mobile app. With built-in crypto tickers, the ability to sort news by hottest or most recent breaking stories, and article sharing to social media, Coin Telegraph is the best way to keep your fingers on the pulse fo the crypto community’s newest developments when it comes to new and emergent tech.

#6. CoinDesk

If Coin Telegraph is the go-to for cryptocurrency tech news, then CoinDesk is the best source for everything else. Anything that isn’t about the math and engineering that goes into building crypto mining shows up on CoinDesk. While its original focus was on Bitcoin price and news, this app provides some of the best all-around information out there. If it’s not on CoinDesk, it probably doesn’t matter.

#7. Blockfolio

An excellent free cryptocurrency portfolio management app, Blockfolio supports more than 3000 cryptocurrencies — making it easy to keep track of all your investments in one centralized location. The app includes data from more than 150 crypto exchanges, providing highly accurate trading information around the clock. If that weren’t enough, Blockfolio also allows you to set custom price alerts and offers crypto news updates pulled directly from Coin Telegraph, Coindesk, and other major industry news outlets.

#8. Delta

Often used in conjunction with or instead of Blockfolio, Delta is a portfolio tracker app that supports price data for more than 2000 coins. Delta can sync with your crypto wallet in order to import all of your transaction data so you don’t miss a beat, offers support for custom coins for new ICOs, and provides market analysis tools and portfolio analytics so you can keep informed and watch for emergent trends. With a feature set this rich, it’s easy to see how Delta can give Blockfolio a run for its money!

#9. Crypto Pro: Bitcoin Ticker

Don’t let the name mislead you! Crypto Pro: Bitcoin Ticker does more than just bitcoin. With support for more than 1000 crypto coins and tokens and with the ability to use Touch ID and Face ID to keep your account secure, this app provides high security with lots of versatility. Other quality-of-life touches, like being able to choose either daytime or nighttime viewing mode, round out this mobile app. Unlike the majority of apps on this list, Crypto Pro: Bitcoin Tracker isn’t offered for free. However, at just $4.99, it’s certainly not priced out of anyone’s budget, especially if you’re serious about  your crypto trading.

#10. Evercoin

A crypto exchange without any account requirements, Evercoin makes it easy to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the go. With support for dozens of the most popular and most often-traded digital currencies, this mobile trading app is custom designed for anyone with a busy lifestyle that doesn’t have time to copy wallet keys and fiddle with transferring funds when they want access to their crypto assets. You’ll never have to miss out on attractive market conditions again because you’re too busy trying to log into your regular exchange when you have Evercoin at your command.

Author: A professional author, editor, and freelance writer for NoStop Blog Writing Service, David DeMar became involved in cryptocurrency in 2016 shortly before the infamous hack of The DAO. He claims it’s a coincidence.