Presumably, if you are looking for an antivirus to protect your computer from viruses and hacker attacks, you did visit several selections of the best ones. Probably, one of the items on the list was McAfee antivirus, and if not, we are going to give you the essentials you need to know, thinking about installing this for the security of your gear. There are several highlights this software made for us, and we will like to share what to expect from the capacities of the program, So, the main things we found are cross-platform protection for multiple devices,

Satisfying test results, and such features as firewall, file shredder, and other settings options you can take.

Connect Several Devices

If you need to protect and synchronize several devices, be those computers or a computer in combination with tablets or phones, you will need to pay for this feature. However, this one is worth money, for you will be able to control the security of your devices, whatever platform it is. With a subscription plan for the antivirus, you will be surprised by its usability on a computer or a pocket-fitting phone. All the settings you adjust apply to all the devices you control, including the threat notifications for the connected ones. Thus, if there is a threat to your computer, you can get a warning on your phone.

Anti-phishing Features

During the tests, McAfee showed good results that put it in the selection of the market leaders. It is especially effective in working with phishing sites. The tests were run in comparison with one of the most outstanding in this field, Norton antivirus, and McAfee proved to block and neutralize the same number of fraud attempts. You must keep your payment info or passwords on your device. If it is not protected, you risk being a victim of a hacker attack. McAfee uses the same WebAdvisor component to protect against malicious downloads and phishing. Naturally, the product can bypass the built-in content filters of Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.


Most vendors reserve firewalls for their comprehensive solutions, but McAfee has included this component already in its autonomous entry-level antivirus. During testing, the built-in firewall correctly put all system ports in stealth mode and successfully repelled web attacks. Nevertheless, even the Windows firewall confidently copes with these tasks.

McAfee firewall does not rely on untrained users to make decisions. The default setting is Intelligent Access, in which McAfee makes its own security decisions. If you want to control everything yourself, then you can switch to the “Controlled Access” mode. An ordinary PC user is not advised to do this.

Network protection will not be effective if the firewall services can be disabled using a direct targeted attack. During the test, it was not possible to find a way to disable protection by manipulating the registry.

Extra Features

Another notable feature in McAfee is the Vulnerability Scanner. It notifies obsolete applications that need to be updated and, if possible, automates the update process. Built-in file shredder allows you to safely delete files by repeatedly overwriting them before deleting. Users can choose one of 5 overwrite modes with the number of runs from 1 to 10. You can safely delete files in the recycle bin, temporary Internet files, or a confidential file or folder.

Bottom Line

Overall, the antivirus shows great features and capacities in terms of the essential security needs you may have as a regular PC user. It will notify you if anything goes wrong with any of your devices and make sure all your transactions are secure. You can set all the features it includes. So, McAfee is an antivirus program that is worth a shot.