Chiropractic Care for Treating Back Pain

The pain that comes with most physical injuries can be managed by taking painkillers. But do you know that painkillers have terrible side-effects? While curing your injury, these pills may affect some other part of your body. And so, it’s better to rely on treatments that don’t necessarily ask you to take medication.

Back pain is a common issue for many. You can’t sit, walk, or stand for too long. Moreover, if you injure your back, the pain doesn’t seem to go away so easily. In such cases, you should see a chiropractor. Chiropractic care can keep your back pain away without asking you to take painkillers.

This treatment involves a hands-on approach where the chiropractor will tweak your spine while massaging it. Sports injuries require quick healing, and chiropractic care can provide that fast-track treatment.

Chiropractic care vs. Physiotherapy

It is a misconception that chiropractic care is the same as physiotherapy. No, it’s not. Physiotherapy means you need to do a few exercises on your own as instructed by your fitness trainer. Yes, it can help you recover from back injuries, but it doesn’t provide quick results as chiropractic care.

Chiropractic treatment is more comprehensive. The chiropractor will go through your medical history before starting any type of treatment. He will perform a variety of tests on your back to ensure there are no underlying problems. It also helps to find the root cause of the pain.

Sometimes back pain starts after a sudden jerk. Suppose you try to lift a very heavy object by bending down. The moment you get up, your back may experience a sudden jerk. This usually causes disc prolapse in your spinal cord. The chiropractor will manually adjust your spine to relieve the pain. If the case is too severe, he may also suggest spine manipulation and nutritional counseling. The idea here is to use multiple techniques on your spine to reduce your back pain as quickly as possible.

Apart from tweaking your spine, the chiropractor may also suggest a few light exercises that you should do at home. As already mentioned, this treatment is a combination of various techniques. Physiotherapy is a small part of chiropractic care. That doesn’t mean both are the same. The primary function of chiropractic treatment for back pain is to restore your spine in the position where it should be.

Why is chiropractic care essential?

For many, natural healing is the best medicine. You may not like to take medication for back pain because of the side-effects. But the pain also doesn’t go away anytime soon. You can consider chiropractic care as a natural treatment as it doesn’t involve medication. It is very effective for treating acute back pain. Chiropractors only use their hands to manipulate your spine. All you need to do is attend the number of sessions recommended by the chiropractor religiously.

Once you try chiropractic treatment, you wouldn’t want to go back to taking medicines again for your back pain. It not only provides immediate relief but also offers a long-term solution for your back pain by manipulating your spine.