Nutrisystem is one of the most popular weight loss systems in the world. Their menus have been proven to work, without the need for extreme dieting. Besides the variety of food that is available, Nutrisystem is affordable. Their basic plans start at $10.18. Nonetheless, it never hurts to check out alternatives and compare prices.

No one hates a good deal, right? There are several good Nutrisystem alternatives in the market, and most of them deliver the same results. What differs is the cost. To help you find a cheaper alternative, here is a detailed comparison of 3 diets that work like Nutrisystem but are cheaper.

1. South Beach diet

South Beach diet is one of the best alternatives to Nutrisystem. It’s affordable, and you can get a good meal plan for as low as $300 a month. Besides its cost, the South Beach diet is very practical for people looking for a sustainable weight loss program, because it even allows you to snack. South Beach diet differs from most other systems in that, it doesn’t completely get rid of carbohydrates in the system. They provide good carbohydrates alongside lots of vegetables and lean proteins. The cost-effectiveness of the South Beach diet comes from the fact that it is flexible and allows the dieters to snack. Nonetheless, it requires you to cook your main meals. This means you can save on cash, but spend more time preparing in food preparation.

2. Medifast

Medifast is similar to Nutrisystem in almost all aspects including food quality and the choices on offer. Medifast has a number of advantages which include, a lower hunger sensation and convenience in following the plan. It also has meal replacement plans that contain oat fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Medifast is also quite popular because it has over 70 pre-packaged foods, which gives you an element of choice. In terms of costs, Medifast goes for roughly $300 a month, which is pretty much similar to the cost of Nutrisystem.

3. Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig is another popular alternative to Nutrisystem. One of the reasons why Jenny Craig is popular is because they connect you with a personal consultant. Not only does the consultant help you stick to the menu, but they also help you start cooking as you transition to cooking your meals. They also have a huge menu and amazingly tasty food. In terms of costs, it can be cheap or expensive depending on what you consider affordable. If you are comfortable with spending roughly $150 a week, then it’s an amazing system. The personalized service you get is worthwhile


From the above comparison, one thing is clear, Nutrisystem is still king. Nutrisystem pricing pretty much fits everyone. For instance, if you want a package that is uniquely made for you, you can get it for as low as $12.50 a day. That’s much cheaper than what the other systems have to offer. If you are operating on a lean budget, you can still go for a basic plan that goes for $10.18 daily. That’s the average for the other systems as well. It’s not surprising that Nutrisystem continues to be a market leader.