Bringing More Ideas to Enhance your Typical White Rice

White rice has been around for thousands of years. It has fed more people than any other crop, and this grain is a staple ingredient in almost every culture. No matter which continent you are from, rice can be found everywhere in savory and even sweet recipes.

Not only is rice affordable but also fool-proof, and it pairs to perfection with meats, chicken, seafood, vegetables, and other grains as well.  This grain is so versatile that it can also become rice pudding in no time when cooked with milk and sugar, and it will satisfy your sweet cravings any time of the day!

The most common way of eating rice is when it is steamed or boiled and used as a side dish. However, this method of cooking rice and this way of eating it can be somewhat dull. There are a lot of different ways of cooking it and a million ways in which white rice can be leveled up. You don’t need too much money or time to upgrade your rice game, it is quite easy, that is why today we want to introduce you to some ideas that you may have not thought about for enhancing and pairing your steamed white rice.

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How to improve white rice  

First, you have to learn the best way to make white rice. Follow these steps and you will never have sticky or undercooked rice again! This is what you should do:  

  1. Make sure you buy the best rice you can.
  2. Remember to use the right ratios! Many people tend to forget, but having this golden rule at hand will make rice cooking extra easy and a hit each time you make it: one part of rice to two parts of water or liquid.
  3. Rinse your rice and let it soak in water for at least overnight.
  4. After rice is soaked, drain it and put it in a pot with cold water. Place your pot over high heat and bring the water and rice to a boil.
  5. After it boils, lower the heat and let the rice simmer for about fifteen to eighteen minutes.
  6. When there is no more liquid left, turn off the heat and cover the rice for about five minutes. Fluff the rice with a fork or a spatula.

 Now it’s the time to think about ways of upgrading it   

  • First, we recommend you use alternative liquids to cook the rice. Remember that this grain absorbs any liquid it is cooked in, so vegetable broth, coconut milk, or chicken broth are the best alternatives to enhancing the way white rice tastes.
  • Another easy way of improving a white, plain rice dish is to add color to it. Choose those colorful vegetables that are in season; try adding raw veggies for extra texture or sautéd them for extra flavor. Think about red cabbage, which not only adds color, but it also adds a refreshing taste. Paired with rice, cucumber, tomatoes, and shredded carrots makes the perfect summer salad! During the winter, think about squash, onions, and eggplants for making the perfect comfort casserole.
  • Herbs and seasonings may sound like an obvious way to upgrade rice, but most people tend to forget this easy trick. Set your imagination free and use new, varied seasonings such as taco seasoning, dried herbs, or fresh chopped herbs right before serving.
  • Use avocados! This creamy vegetable is perfect for adding the most exquisite flavor and also its characteristic and delicious buttery texture. Rice is great to be used as a filling for burritos, and guacamole (that is, avocado with chopped red onion and diced tomatoes) is a burrito’s best friend.

White rice is the perfect side dish to any roasted protein like chicken, beef, or even tofu if you follow a plant-based diet. Other beans work perfectly fine as well. In these cases, soy sauce and paprika will add an extra touch to your dish that we guarantee you’ll love.