Bow And Bay Window Size

Buying the windows and doors for your house is not that simple. The market is full of variegated versions of a window type. In this article, the bow and bay type of windows are being discussed in detail. This way you would get a clear idea about the differences between these two window types. Well, you must know that both the window type are available with amazing features and designs.

You just need to choose according to your window opening. This way your replacement task would become much easier by relating your purchase with our information. The dimensions play an important role while choosing the replacement windows and doors for your space.

So, let’s see what are the key differences:-

The Major Differences Between A Bow And Bay Windows Are Mentioned Below :

  1. If you wish to give your home a rounded outer appearance then a bow window with its curved structure will grant your wish. The bow windows have a series of 4-5 windows aligned in a curved structure. On the other hand, the bay windows have one large window aligned with 2 smaller ones on either side of the larger window. Thus a bay window is a set of three windows.
  2. Although both the windows add a classic vibe to your home architecture in their way. Since we are talking about the differences so must know that the bow windows give an essence of Victorian architecture. Whereas the bay windows having flat panes are generally preferable for homes built with a modern vibe.
  3. The bow windows do not stick farther from the walls and can create special issues. If you have a larger area then you don’t need to worry. The bay windows, on the other hand, are not placed in the vicinity of the walls so they take away any space as such.
  4. If you have a narrow window opening and space then you would go for a bay window. They are best to be placed in narrow spaces and provide great ventilation through three window panes.
  5. The turrets or corners of a building can be the right location to install your bow windows that come with an extra girth. This way you can create a picturesque for both sides of your haven like home.
  6. The bay window types can be directly installed in the window openings of a house whereas for the ow windows there are some extra steps. Customized Hardwood shells are required for bow windows. They are specially fixed with a series of windows.
  7. Last but not least is the price difference. It has been pretty clear from the above-mentioned properties that bow windows are a little more expensive than bay windows. The bow windows can cost 2.5 times higher than bay windows. The making and installation process of bow windows is a bit laborious in comparison with bay windows.

Benefits of Bow And Bay Windows

  • Both the window types help you to add a focal point to your room
  •  Space does not matter because these windows make your room look larger
  • The customization options are available for both bay and bow windows. You can extract the best as per your wants
  • You can choose whether you like to keep them closed or vented. Get them tailored as per your requirements
  • The bay windows come in a set of three windows. The two windows adjoining the larger window in the middle are casement windows. The casement windows are found to be energy efficient. Thus, there is no need to worry about energy efficiency if you have a narrow window opening space.


Both the bow and bay window types are great designs in their way. They both have their advantages and benefits. Through the knowledge of their configuration and sizes, we made your task of selecting a perfect window easier. The bow and bay windows can add to the ambiance of your place. You get to enhance the look of your home from outside and enjoy the outdoor sight from inside. Hence, a right window type is your true companion in a variety of manners. Choose what suits you best. The windows and doors play a vital role in shaping your house interiors and exteriors. Keep in mind the options that provide energy efficiency, ventilation, and security at the same time.