Social Media tips

The online marketplace is getting more competitive and as such most online businesses have had to try varying approaches to improve customer relationship to build a loyal customer base. For online businesses, it is imperative to ensure that your website has traffic. However, getting traffic is the most difficult aspect.

Social media is quite important in the growth of e-commerce business. It helps provide a medium for information, reviews, expression and conversation. An e-commerce business can improve profitability by properly leveraging on the power of social media. A Magento publication revealed that 93% of clients made use of social media to make purchasing choices while about 90% of clients said they trusted recommendations made by friends on social media. As stated earlier, the main challenge faced by e-commerce owner is how to drive traffic to their websites and convert visitors to paying customers. There are many methods by which social media can be used to boost e-commerce business. These methods are highlighted below.

#1. Use hashtags consistently

The power of hashtags cannot be underestimated especially on social media platforms like Twitter. The use of hashtags is not limited to Twitter as it can be used on other social media platforms. The use of hashtags ensures that you and your customers can track conversations and be part of trending conversations. For instance, a good use of hashtags is the Coca Cola’s #ShareACoke campaign which generated billions of reaction globally. The campaign helped to skyrocket sales and build the customer base

#2. Give your customers special offers

One of the fastest means of improving conversion via social media is to introduce your customers to offers they can’t resist. Facebook Offers helps users create special offers via its advert channel. It is imperative to ensure your customers feel special by giving random offers on social media. You are likely to get a spike in conversion rate if customers feel the offer is great for a short while and if customers see that their social media activity got them the offer. They are also likely to be hooked to your page if they would expect more of such exclusive offers.

#3. Create images and video that are social-friendly

97% of adults aged between 16 to 64 logs into at least 1 social media site monthly. This implies that there are high odds that your potential customer uses social media. Impress them by using images and videos that are captivating. The graphics used on social media should equally grab their attention. You can make use of this site to peruse and create signs suitable for your platform.