Even kids can play bingo. What can we say about adults: for more than one generation, they are engaged in playing bingo with delight, before – in social salons or at a party, then – behind the television screen, and now – in the global network.

By the way, did you know that the first players in bingo were Italian Renaissance merchants — they are the ones who order the creation of a bingo predecessor. And already from them, the real sailors of the Royal Navy of England became infected with bingo mania, and the game went around the world.

Today, bingo can be called a real folk game: it is played from small to large, regardless of gender, age, religion. Of course, a family game without cash bets or measured TV lotto doesn’t have much in common with gambling bingo sessions in Las Vegas casinos. And something completely different is online bingo, which combines the possibilities of playing at home with real excitement and adrenaline rush.

What Is Special About Online Bingo?

Bingo is a universal game, it does not require a special mindset, a long workout or the development of complex strategies. Of course, they are, but in general, everything depends on capricious luck, and not on your actual skills or talent.

At the same time, online bingo options are also a very comfortable environment that allows you to play in the most friendly atmosphere.

  • You do not need to look for a place to play bingo. For countries with strict legislation regarding gambling, this option is a real find.
  • You do not need a company: network players will make you worthy of competition and allow you to feel the excitement, even if you are at a computer or laptop alone.
  • You can easily play anywhere and even anywhere in the world because in order to play bingo there are applications for a smartphone to play without stopping and without being tied to a desktop computer.
  • Payments in online versions are much more convenient: you do not need to buy cards before the draw or apply for a win to a certain company that conducted the draw – everything is completely transferred to the virtual world and is realized using modern methods of payment and payments – bank cards and e-wallets.
  • Anonymity: not everyone loves when their personal life becomes public. And if in the case of bingo offline this cannot be avoided, then online gambling gives you the opportunity to play incognito, without specifying real data.
  • Here and now: play from home, play at work, play on vacation – if you have a desire to try your luck, do not postpone it until the next television broadcast. In online bingo options, this is very easy to accomplish – just log in at your convenient time and return to the game when it is convenient for you.

Payment Options – This Is Important

Paying a deposit on a game account or withdrawing your winnings (especially if it is a jackpot) is a headache for many players. But not in the case of bingo online. Here you are given maximum comfort: pay with a card of any system, pay in cash, use e-wallets: all this can be used for bingo in online mode. In addition, if you are just starting to play, you can always find options for online games without making a deposit.

Many use personal cards to pay for gameplay, but we recommend using all the advantages of online payment systems because it is not only convenient but also safe.

Strategy Games

Despite the fact that bingo is an extremely interesting game, we must not forget that the ultimate goal is winning. For this reason, players are constantly looking for strategies that can help them win. It is very important to note that bingo is pretty much a game for good luck. This means that it is not possible to greatly increase the probability of winning, although something can be done.

  • Acquire as many cards as you can afford: The more a person has bingo cards participating in the game, the higher are his chances of winning. Therefore, you need to purchase as many cards as possible. It is very easy to do on the internet. There are restrictions on a one-time purchase of bingo cards. However, due to the fact that in online bingo software all the cards involved in the game are tracked, it is much easier to manage the cards during the game over the network, rather than live.
  • The Tippet Theory: The Tippet Theory is a rather complicated bingo game system. Some use it in an attempt to increase their chances of winning. It was created by L Tippet, an English scientist, statistician. His theory was used to increase the probability of winning a 75-ball bingo game.

This theory suggests that the longer the game lasts, the more likely it is to drop numbers close to 38 (38 is the average of 75). From this it follows that in games that are long in duration, it is necessary to choose cards, containing a large number of numbers close to 38, an average of 75, if possible. In shorter games, cards with a range of numbers from 1 to 75 should be chosen.

Bingo and Gender Games – Choose to Your Taste

In addition to a variety of opportunities and options for games of any level of complexity and solvency, bingo is also a game in which you can choose a variety that appeals to you in terms of gender. So, there are types of games that have a brutal interface and are intended primarily for the representatives of the stronger sex. And, similarly, there are woman bingo’s, reviews of which can be found on the Internet. In them, girls who want to experience excitement may not be afraid of ridicule from men (and this, alas, is not rare), and in a friendly atmosphere to be in the gaming space, which looks more like a women’s magazine than a casino room. So, in this matter also in bingo comfort is provided to every player. And this is great because the game of bingo is not only and not so many earnings as the pleasure of being able to quickly find the right numbers and win in a fight with equal rivals.