Best SEO Tools for Auditing and Monitoring Your Website

SEO is very important for your website to rank very high on search engines such as Google. This gives your brand a good level of publicity and awareness. Ensuring that your website is optimized for search engines helps you generate more leads than other marketing initiatives. 

It would be impossible to know how well your website can perform on search engines without auditing your website. This is why you need the right tools to audit and monitor your website. Here are some of the best tools that you can use:


This tool is one of the best around. It has an intuitive dashboard that’s easy-to-use and gives you access to comprehensive keyword analysis data and reports about the website domain. In addition, the SEO toolkit allows you to compare your webpage performance against your competitors and other details such as backlinks.

Google Analytics

When the biggest search engine company makes an SEO tool, expectations are high for the tool to be excellent, and it does not disappoint. While there is a paid version, the tool also has a free version that helps you manage your site effectively.

MOZ Pro 

This tool helps boost your site ranking, visibility, and website traffic, with tools for auditing your website and identifying some of the significant issues you need to address. In addition, this keyword research tool helps you find out the best keyword combination you need to target. 


This is a log-analyzing, site-crawling tool that helps discover how search engines like Google crawl through your website. These search engines track relevant content on your site with bots and leave the information in your server’s log files. This tool uses the information to create and identify the correct SEO KPIs. 


This tool scouts for data online to identify the right keywords that websites and companies are buying. It compares search terms and search results and better understands the string of words and type of searches to help you rank on SERPs. 


This is an appropriate tool for companies that don’t have a big budget for an SEO toolkit. It is a toolbar extension that gives quick results. You may not understand the data from this tool initially, but once you do, you will be able to see the amount of website visitors you are getting and their countries. 


This is an established SEO tool and is second to Google regarding the number of site crawlers. The site audit feature on this tool is comprehensive and helps to highlight the different parts of your site that you need to change or address to beat your competition.

Deep crawl

This is another comprehensive site crawling tool that gives you accurate information about code errors, SEO, and other opportunities for your website to grow. It performs deep domain scanning and provides SEO reporting that gives you specific metrics and granular data that helps you put your website in the right shape.

SEOptimer website checker

This tool carries out a detailed analysis of your website in search of problems that relate to SEO and may cause your website to rank low on search engines. This is an SEO audit tool that examines your website pages within seconds and shows you complete data of the critical SEO challenges on your website and where they are. It also filters the results based on the urgency of the problems. 

Website checker tool

Rank Watch created this tool, and it has several powerful features to offer a complete management platform for website SEO. It has an SEO analyzer tool that carries out a website audit to find out what works and what doesn’t work. You only need to enter your website’s URL and submit it in the bar, and it will evaluate the whole site within seconds and show you the result.


This is an effective SEO checker tool and has been in the market for a long while already. This tool has plenty of features that help audit your website to help you increase your search engine ranking. This allows blog owners and web admins to monitor relevant recommendations conveniently. There are over 70 measurables that this tool uses to find how your website pages are doing.


This SEO audit tool does not analyze your whole website in search of SEO problems. Instead, it analyzes individual web pages in search of target keywords. Once it examines the web pages, it presents the reports to you for each page. It also includes suggestions for you to correct the problem and improve your website ranking. It is also easy to integrate the tool with your site for better auditing. 

Website grader 

This tool from HubSpot is one of the best website SEO audit tools you can find in the market. This tool will help pinpoint SEO and content possibilities to help improve your website search engine ranking. There is also an enhanced version that examines your websites. It sends the results in grades based on performance, considering metrics such as website performance, SEO performance, SSL certificate, and mobile readiness.

Nightwatch SEO tracker

This is another advanced website audit tool that has extensive features and functionalities such as search visibility metrics, advanced segmentation, backlink monitoring, trends overview, keyword discovery, etc. All of which are essential metrics to measure and monitor your website.

Yoast SEO

This is the least on this list but by no means the least of all. It is, in fact, one of the best SEO tools for auditing your website. This tool checks your web pages for SEO-related errors and suggests the best ways to optimize your website correctly. 


You can use many tools for auditing and monitoring your website to rank better on search engines, and this article discusses some of the best ones you can find in the market. 

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