Best Office Wear Clothing Ideas for Winter

“Raise your hand if you love the winter season.”

“Very few raised hands… ok!”

Let me rephrase the questions.

“Raise the hands if you love the winter season because of its clothing options.”

“Yes! Now we are talking.”

We all love the abundant fashion options we have on our hands during the winter season. Full sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, turtlenecks, sweaters, blazers, jackets, mufflers, hats, and what not. And we look dashing in all of them.

You can keep mixing these items and have a new look every day without buying new clothes. That’s the best part about the winter season.

So, let’s explore various style ideas on how you can nail your outfits when you have to balance comfort, fashion, and, most importantly, warmth. This blog visualizes some chicest clothing ideas that will help you nail your office outfits this white season.

Before we do that, let’s create a winter closet. What clothing items are a must-have to get you through the winter season?


Shirts | T-shirts | Pants | Coat | Knit crew neck | Boots | Turtleneck


Sweaters | Leather jacket |Pea coat | Overcoat | Trench coat | Blazer | Wool blazer | Scarf | Mufflers | Gloves | 

Wow! That’s a very extensive wardrobe. No worries if you have an item or two – or three – missing. We can easily play around with the available ones.

Basic outfit

If you can steer away towards casual attire, the basic office outfit is cotton pants, chinos, khaki with a shirt. Then, add a monochrome sweater to it, and you have a simple winter outfit.

Try to play with different styles here. Replace your plain shirt with a flannel, plaid, or check shirt.  Add a layer of contrasting sweaters to it. If you don’t want to go overboard with the colors, add a patterned sweater.

Now, let’s keep the basic pant and shirt and look at some modifications to this look.

Add a cardigan:

Replace the sweater with a cardigan. It gives a sleek and simple look. Cardigan gives the same warmth as a sweater, but it weighs light.

Add a pea coat:

A pea coat brings elegance to the outfit. Elegance that mimics the aura of Peaky Blinders but without the thick Irish accent.

Add a long coat:

A long coat is the staple outfit for places with long and intense winter. Adding it to your outfit will give you panache and sophistication—a wild suggestion: top your attire with a flat cap and see those norms rattled.

Add a trench coat

The coat options to add to your attire in the winter are my favorite part of this season. Layering your basic shirt and pant with a trench coat will give you a Pinterest-esque look. No, it isn’t too much. We are just going with the flow.


A traditional outfit includes a simple three-piece suit: a coat, pants, and a shirt. Adding a layer of sweaters under the coat will check your basic winter office outfit.

Try a black sweater with a grey suit. With a sweater, you can experiment by playing with different colors. It all depends on how far you can push your fashion choices.

Go with a red sweater under a black coat or yellow knitwear with a brown suit. The color choices are endless – green, maroon, navy blue, beige, charcoal, burgundy suits with brown, grey, blue, or a sweater of literally any color.

Now let’s check the modifications we can make to this attire:

Adding a woolen coat

Too many layers? Layering is the best part of this season. Your three-piece suit can quickly become four pieces if you add a long coat to it.

Put a scarf or a muffler around your neck, and you have just enough warmth to get you through a cold winter day.

Add some more wool

Keep the pants and the shirt, and let’s play with waistcoat and overcoat. First, replace your traditional waistcoat with a woolen one and add the overcoat to it.

Can we fit in a jacket?

Yes, we can. How about a bomber leather jacket over the suit and the overcoat? Yes, it sounds too overboard, but we can take this liberty. I tried this one time, and I am not bragging when I say that I nailed it.

What I did was that I kept my dark blue suit and layered it with a grey café racer jacket that I got from Lyrevo Jackets and finished off my look with brown Oxford shoes.

Not-so traditional

So, as we are now done with a simple shirt and pant look and how much we can modify the traditional three-piece business attire. Now, let’s get to the part that I love the most.

Winter comes with some essential clothing pieces that we don’t have in other seasons. Like turtlenecks, cardigans, wool sweaters, and jackets.

Indeed we can have an attire made up of only these essential winter clothing items.

Classic hi-neck look with a layer

Take your black or a grey turtleneck and wear it as business casual attire with contrasting pants. Here you can replace your dress pants with jeans and even chinos.

Add a coating layer, preferably a woolen coat, to get into the winter vibes without breaking a sweat.

Single winter layer

Can you wear a t-shirt to work? Because I have a dope idea to wear it in a way that your boss won’t frown at your casual choice of clothes.

Take a crew t-shirt and wear it with essential pants. Then, add a sweater or a thick woolen cardigan to it and top it off with some casual shoes.

Double winter layers

Keep the t-shirt and the sweater and add another layer for this look. If the weather allows, add a layer of long coat to this attire. Nobody would even know you are wearing a t-shirt under the layers of these chic winter staples.

Basic polo shirt

Polo shirts look as exquisite in winter as they do in summer. They have an aura of minimalism and essentialism that gives them a slight edge over other clothing articles.

So, I suggest a basic summer look; a polo shirt – can be full or half sleeves – with pants and then layering it. You can also add a cardigan, a long coat, a pea coat, and a blazer to give it a wintery finish.

A sweatshirt look

For many people, sweatshirts are comfort wear. For them, it has to be loose-fitting with slumping shoulders. But it is not valid. They look equally good in casual business attire.

Take your sweatshirt – with the correct fittings, of course – and wear it with jeans or khakis.  You can very well leave them as it is, or if you feel like, add a layer of coat to the attire. 

There’s more

These are some of the basic attires that you can carry in style this winter without being “over-dressed.” But there’s more than you can add to these attires. So when it comes to clothing in winter, you can add as many as you like.

You can add gloves, mufflers, mittens, beanies, woolen socks, or even a hat to your outfit. These will complement your formal as well as basic office outfits.

Final words

Winter is a season to experiment. You have so many clothing items in your wardrobe. But, if you still head to work with the same basic outfit every day, are you not disobeying the Winter King who bestowed you with so much wealth and richness?

So, experiment with your clothes and sail your boat through this winter, being a fashion inspiration for others.

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