Best Health Tech Updates 2018

Health has been one of the top concerns of human in the world. Year to year, the development of the new update technology has been helping many people. We can’t also neglect the fact that health-improving gadgets and gizmos have been much prevalent in today’s society.

If you have never used a single health apps, gadgets, or gizmos before, you have probably missed the most recent tech updates for wellness. We have picked out the some of the best stuff out there and list them here to inform you that you can improve your general wellbeing by these.

So, what are they? Without further ado, let’s see the list below.

No, we are not talking about the weight loss pills or other expensive weight loss treatments out there. Instead, we are talking about the QardioBase, one of the greatest tech updates that you will want to have.

This will weigh you, check your heart rate, water percentage, bone and muscle mass, as well as body fat. This will keep the record so that you will be motivated when undergoing a specific weight loss regime.

Philips Avance Centrifugal Juicer

The new update technology of centrifugal which is developed by Philips has offered a top line of home improvement products, including the Philips Avance centrifugal Juicer.

We know that fiber are one of the most crucial nutrients that can’t be missed for overall health. Fiber is important for our digestive system. This will also prevent the diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Fruits and veggies are the best sources of fibers.

To get the most out of the fruits and veggies, you will need the new update technology in a juicer. Philips Avance is definitely the best juicer that you need.

The most selling point of this device is its FiberBoost technology which allows the user to set the texture of the juices as desire. You could choose from the refreshing clear juice to the creamier textured one. The creamier textured juice is one which has the most fiber.


Have you been going to the gym? If you have, then PowerDot is the gizmo that you need to have. It is a revolutionary tech update which will help you to improve your muscles. It helps to stimulate the muscle for more effective and efficient growth. It will support your workouts result in multiple times.

The new update technology that is promoted from this device is the use of the EMS or electrical muscle stimulation which can make your muscles stronger and recover faster.

Jaybird Run earphones

Have you been looking for the most comfortable sports earphones? If you have been ups and downs with the earphones to accompany you when running, JayBird Run can be the best device for you.

Although these are not designed for the exercise, these can be your best companies in fitness.The earphones will stay there when you wear them.

Not to mention that you won’t be distracted by the cables since there is not any.

Scott Soup Maker

It is definitely one of the healthy tech updates that you want to have at your home. The Scott Soup Maker is a perfect winter gadget although you can use it any season. It is a shortcut to make a delicious and healthy bowl of soups with little to minimum efforts. The Scott Soup Maker can help you to make the delicious soup, sauce, thaw, smoothie. The five auto programs have it all. Oops, one more, it has Auto Cleaning Program. Well, hands-off.

ZeroWater Purifier

Impurity of the water has been yearly problems for many households. If you haven’t found the solution yet, consider checking the ZeroWater Purifier. This will purify the water so that it is safe to consume. This new update technology has been introduced for a while to the public. Surely you have the chance to get it too.

Oral B Genius 9000S electric toothbrush

This device is arguably the most sophisticated toothbrush available on the market. Dental health has been one of the concerns in the world. Sometimes, folks can get problems with a slight mistake in brushing their teeth. Oral B Genius 9000S is the friendliest toothbrush that you will ever meet. The innovation of this device is that you can connect the Oral-B app on your phone and it will guide you through the best brushing system that you can implement so that your tooth brushing activity can be optimized. It is called as “intelligent brushing system”, something that you hardly find in other advanced toothbrushes.

Shark DuoClean Cordless vacuum

If you are having pets at home, or your home gets dirty fast, you will need this device to help you with the problem. You will want that your house clean on daily basis to prevent the respiratory problems and other health problems. The Shark DuoClean is a new update technology hoover that can improve all the vacuuming tasks in the next level.

This will help you to keep your home clean with a little effort and time.


Painpod is a device that you need to replace pain copykillers. Some folks can’t bear with their chronic pain copy and be too reliant on pain copykillers sold in the drug store. The problem is that most of these drugs have side effects which are pretty ugly for everybody’s life. Well, you can eliminate these hardships by replacing your usual pain copykillers with PainPod. You can relieve the pain copy with the PainPod in no time.

The good thing here is that this device has already been approved by FDA. That means you don’t have to worry to use it for your chronic pain copy. The bioelectrical tech installed in the device will fix your nervous system so that it can manage pain copy without the needs of drugs. Just put it on the affected area and it works like magic.

Omron Evolv – Lowering your blood pressure

For folks with potential high blood pressure, you will see the significance of this device. This device allows the users to check their blood pressure anywhere, anytime. This device has been clinically approved. The wireless blood pressure monitor is light enough to take it with you. It can also make a great gift for your father, grandpa, or friends.

Wacaco Minipresso NS – Make your body healthier

Who does not love an espresso in the morning? Plus, this will also unclog your artery. The Wacaco Minipresso Espresso maker is small, light and portable espresso maker that will make sure that you won’t miss your morning coffee. You can bring this anywhere in the world, including the backpacking, camping, or usual travelling.

Consider to check all the health tech updates above and you will never regret it. Your 2018 will be healthier than previous years. If you are searching Penetration tool than here is a list of Top 13+ Best Wireless Penetration Testing Tools