Best Exchange to Buy Safemoon

Safemoon has attracted massive attention this year. This has made it the 208th most valuable token listed on CoinMarketCap. With a high number of coins emerging recently, most traders wonder whether Safemoon is a good investment. This article will look at everything you need to know about Safemoon and the best exchange to buy it. 

Want to jump straight to the answer? You can buy SAFEMOON by buying USDT on and trade.

What is Safemoon?

Safemoon is a digital currency token that was created in March 2021. Just like well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Safemoon is built on a ledger technology like blockchain. It is built on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. Furthermore, it was designed to discourage day trading and encourage long-term holders. For this reason, it maintains stability by charging a 10% fee. Half of the fee goes to Safemoon’s existing holders, while the other half goes to the liquidity pool.

Safemoon is burnt manually by the team. Trillions of the tokens have been burnt so far.  These criteria help to lower supply and increase the market price. Like other cryptocurrencies, investing in Safemoon is a personal decision that will depend on how much risk you are willing to take.

How to choose a Cryptocurrency exchange

You need an exchange if you want to buy and sell cryptocurrencies fast and safely. However, selecting the right platform can make a huge difference over time. There are several things you have to consider when searching for a cryptocurrency exchange. These features are:

  •   Cryptocurrencies offered

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies available in the market today. Ask yourself if the exchange has the assets you want and trading pairs. Generally, an old exchange will provide an excellent list of tokens.

  •   Security

In most cases, if it’s easy to get an account, the exchange is likely to be untrustworthy. By now, you have heard traders claiming their digital assets have disappeared. When such cases happen, it’s impossible to track down and retrieve the finds. Therefore, it is recommended to choose an exchange that has been operating for a long time. Whether in terms of transaction or account security, they can provide the highest security guarantee.

Most notably, keeping your investment in offline storage such as digital assets despite the exchange is recommended. Another tip is a multi-Signature Wallet. This means that users must undergo various verification to access their wallets.

  • Trading Fees

Trading fees are the charges that apply to each buy and sell transaction. Exchange platforms make income by extracting trading fees from transactions. If you’re planning on making lots of transactions, you may want to find an exchange that offers low trading fees and doesn’t have hidden charges.         

  • Liquidity

In times of high volatility, being able to buy or sell as quickly as you want can have a serious impact on profits,and a more liquid exchange is more resistant to price manipulation. Investors can check the “Exchange Liquidity” indicator on websites such as CoinMarketCap. is one of the best exchanges to buy Safemoon

There are many cryptocurrency exchanges for investors and traders to invest in.  However, only a few are reliable and stable. is one of the best trading exchanges for Safemoon. In addition to that, it has added Safemoon on margin trading. Therefore, it allows up to 3X leverage. You can lend your token and earn a passive income of 3.65%-365% APR. A trader can borrow Safemoon to long it or short position.

Why choose

Secure. has enhanced the security of its users and servers. Users access many safety protocols to keep their funds safe.  For instance, Two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator, SMS 2FA, login verifications, fund withdrawal password, Anti-phishing code, and Blind IP logins.

Transparent fees. doesn’t charge transaction fees when a trader deposits funds.  Spot trading charges 0.2% for every transaction. Moreover, users get a 25% discount if they use token to pay fees.

Wide range of cryptocurrencies. has more than 900+ Cryptocurrencies available for traders. This makes it easy for investors to find pairs.

Start up. startup is a new platform that both offers initial currency purchases and discounts for decentralized blockchain assets. You can buy multiple blockchain assets with a discount of up to 20% – 50%.

How to buy Safemoon on

  •   Sign up on the official website or APP. Users can download the APP from App Store, Google Play or Android.
  •   Click on buy crypto and select credit card.
  •   Enter your amount and choose USDT coin
  •   Select service provider and click purchase.
  •   Click on spot trading and select Safemoon/USDT trading pair

  Enter the amount and click the Buy button.