Construction Company

When it comes to starting a business, you should always apply real estate’s most important rule at the beginning stages: location, location, location.

Starting a business in a tiny city like Independence, Kansas isn’t going to bring you the same amount of success as it would starting a business in or around Nashville, Tennessee.

If you’re starting a tech business, you know that Silicon Valley is a hotspot. But what about a construction business? Where is the hub for construction? Where can we thrive the most?

It turns out, there are a few cities that have a clear advantage over the rest of the United States when it comes to starting a construction business. What are they?

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

God blessed Texas!

Don’t expect this to be the last time you’ll see a city from Texas on this list. Thanks to a strong economy, low unemployment rate, and fast-growing population, Dallas is one of the top spots to open up a construction business.

The metro area was the fastest growing in the entire country in 2018 and some experts have said that the trend could continue for the next decade.

Dallas-Fort Worth population


Thanks to the state’s tax-friendly nature and business support, it’s a great place for your construction business.

Denver, Colorado

The cold and snow can’t keep the construction industry from booming in Denver, as the city has a number of positive things happening.

For starters, the city itself is undergoing billions of dollars in massive projects and has hired thousands of workers over the past few years to keep up with the demand.

There’s plenty of work both in and outside the city, so you need to make sure you have a good way to move your team and materials around.

Second, Denver’s population growth has slowed down a bit over the past few years but is still growing steadily, having grown by 20% over the last decade.

Miami, Florida

We’re trading ski pants for swim trunks as we head back down to the south.

Miami is booming when it comes to residential construction, projecting a 11.3% increase in 2020 and a more normal 6.5% increase in 2021. While you may not expect double digits throughout the next few years, there are still plenty of projects around the metro and surrounding areas.

The city has also experienced a huge jump in the construction industry. It’s also worth noting that with rising sea levels and Miami’s low altitude, there is always a need for renovations or new projects.

San Antonio, Texas

It was only a matter of time before we returned to Texas and we’re back at the site of The Alamo.

San Antonio is almost a victim of its own success. The city is known for the Riverwalk, the great San Antonio Spurs basketball team and having historically low unemployment rates. The problem with that is that the construction industry has experienced a worker shortage in the last few years.

But, the city’s construction industry is booming with plenty of projects being carried out in both the downtown and surrounding areas.

San Diego, California

Home to what many would call the “world’s perfect climate”, San Diego has been experiencing a set of ups and downs when it comes to construction. 2015-2018 were all positive years but the city took a huge step back in 2019.

San Diego California


The city is poised for a big bounceback in 2020 and into 2021 as well, especially in the residential and healthcare areas. Plus, you’ll be able to be around the beach all day. That’s not too bad.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle and San Antonio share some similar struggles. Both cities have enjoyed a historically low unemployment rate and both have been facing the issue of a worker shortage.

However, there are plenty of projects that need to be completed inside the city, as many downtown areas look to revamp their look and attract young workers and people from all around the country.

Despite being in the chilly Pacific Northwest, the city’s population is still growing and was one of the fastest-growing cities in the country two years ago. While they don’t appear to be on the same blistering pace, the city is still growing.