Be Ready For Extreme Driving

Sliding, skidding and overcoming the mud can be enjoyable like no other form of driving.

Vehicles from Autoportal with best features for extreme driving.

Autoportal ensures that as a driver you are able to romanticize the monsoons through extreme driving by ensuring cars with the best features for the breath and length for this unique season are available.

The Toyota Fortuner is available at Autoportal and it is one of the most convenient cars on Indian Roads and with no limitations during the monsoons. The car is made and bred for adventure and with All Wheels Drives (AWD) and a powerful engine, the car unapologetically strolls on muds and pools. The muscle and power of the Fortuner enable it accords the occupants comfort regardless of the seasons.

The Hyundai Santa Fe is also at your reach for the monsoons courtesy of Autoportal. The muscular car with great power is able to overcome the challenges of monsoons.

The Renault Duster, the Hyundai Grand i10, the Volvo V90, the Mitsubishi EVO X MR and Hero Xtreme Sports bike are just but other cars available at Autoportal that send tremors to the monsoons season itself priding themselves in features such as masculinity, high engine power, relatively high gear transmission, elevation and All Wheel Drives.

Autoportal is youone-stopp joint for the next and any other monsoons extreme driving.

So, how to prepare the car for extreme driving conditions?

Various movies precisely produced by Bollywood do stunningly romanticize the monsoons and rains and this can possibly be the scenario when it comes to drivers. All drivers need to do is be equipped with the requisite skills to enjoy the Indian monsoons. This period is stunning for extreme driving.

Prepare for the extreme driving

Extreme driving is unconditionally fun when proper preparations are done. The excitement that comes with extreme driving precisely during the monsoon sends thrills like a derby and thus should be adequately prepared for. At the pre-monsoon stage, you should ensure that you have prepared your car for the romantic extreme driving season.

Have tyres that are in shape

Ensure that the car is prepared for the extreme driving season with tyres that are in good shape, the washer wiper should be efficient, the lights should be intact to enhance visibility as the season experiences fog and mud and finally the car should have mud flaps to ensure that it requires a visit to the carwash as least as possible even in the midst of the muddy season.

Prevent Fogging on Screens and Windows

During the extreme driving precisely in monsoons, ensure that you prevent windscreen window fogging due to the weather that is highly humid. This ensures that your visibility is clear and prevents you from being involved in unnecessary, avoidable and inconveniencing accidents.

Enjoy Skidding

Monsoons come with muddy road conditions or even wet roads can result into skidding that is unpleasant for most drivers but you can make this an adventurous experience in extreme driving. Always ensure that the tyres are in shape in terms of threads and pressure. Drive fast but with caution to ensure that you easily regain control upon sliding and make sure you enjoy the juicy splash of water in pools as best as you can.