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April had finally arrived and with it, the holiday season had kickstarted. Many families planned their annual vacations, others charted out long-scheduled meetups with friends. Whether people travelled or just had friends over to their house, online streaming platforms, especially ZEE5, had something in store for everyone to bond over. After all, binging on a fantastic original series is incomplete without an intense discussion with like-minded fans in your circles. In case, you missed out on these following original series for some reason, worry not. We have got you covered with a brief yet descriptive list of best original series that release on ZEE5 in the month of April.

Karenjit Kaur Season 3

Starring: Sunny Leone, Bijay J. Anand, Grusha Kapoor, Raj Arjun, Marc Buckner

Original Language: English

Karenjit Kaur – The Untold Story of Sunny Leone got a well-made conclusion in its season finale. We see Karenjit Kaur aka Sunny Leone’s career catapult to new heights while her personal struggles also continue to escalate. How she fights the odds to begin a fresh life with Daniel forms the crux of this exciting conclusion to an epic show.


Starring: Arbaaz Khan, Tanuj Virwani, Freddy Daruwala, Riya Sen

Original Language: Hindi

A series that has the vibe of an Abbas-Mastan movie, Poison is a tale of revenge deep-rooted in Goa’s underworld. Ranveer served jail time for a crime he didn’t commit. On his release, he heads to Goa to extract his revenge. On the other hand, DSP Vikram is pursuing Antonio Verghese, a Goa-based don. How the paths of these three men cross forms the thrilling narrative of Poison web series.

Auto Shankar

Starring: Sarath Appani, Selvapandian, Rajesh Dev, Vasudha

Original Language: Tamil

Based on the infamous true story of Gowri Shankar aka Auto Shankar, the series transports us back to the early 1990s, at the height of his terror. The series does not hold back in its realistic depiction of the life of Madras’s (now Chennai) most infamous serial killer. So, fans of dark thrillers, this ZEE5 offering has everything for an ideal binge.

High Priestess

Starring: Amala Akkineni, Kishore, Brahmaji, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Sunaina

Original Language: Telugu

A tarot card reader and psychic, Swathi Reddy (Amala Akkineni) is the focus of this focus. As she navigates through peculiar cases and clients, the show also focuses on how the supernatural experiences affect her and the people around her. Making a comeback to Telugu content space after seven years, Amala Akkineni delivers a spectacular performance that is a delight to watch.

Apart from the new releases mentioned above, the on-going series Abhay and Parchhayee got spectacular episodes to continue their quality momentum. While Kunal Khemmu’s Abhay got four kickass episodes in the month, Parchhayee got two haunting episodes with the first one featuring internet heartthrob Sumeet Vyas and Isha Talwar. The second one sees Kunaal Roy Kapur take on a never-before-seen avatar.

Basically, this shows how there is so much to explore on ZEE5 and you should go ahead to begin the same right away. As the platform continues to deliver high-quality entertainment online, the sooner you catch up to their latest content, the more you can explore its ever-expanding library.