hair styles

Short hair is the sign of confidence and firmness of character. So really! You don’t have to worry if you have short hair. And we are here to assist you in any kind of situation. As summer is going on short hair is the intelligent choice to get rid of the stickiness and time-consuming maintenance of long hair.

Research of experts shows that hair styles have a large impact on your personality. Negative and positive both. So you have to choose wisely what suits you best and what not. The hairstyles we have chosen for you, are a guaranty to enhance your beauty and personality. Because we care for you.

Here’s the list of styles that you can do with your pretty short hair. Have a look at for gorgeous long hair styles.

  1. Short Hair Pixie
  2. Chin Length Bob
  3. Wild Mohawk
  4. Short Fringes
  5. Messy Fringes
  6. Volume Vixen
  7. Short and Spiky
  8. Layered Lass
  9. Short stacked

Now it’s time to discuss these styles in detail with their properties and their effect on your personality.

Short Hair Pixie

short pixie cutsChoice of celebrities like Emma Watson, she is one of the most self-confident young personality in Hollywood. Her textured sober pixie reflects her personality perfectly. The versatility of this style is limitless. You can modify this style according to your will with less than 5 minutes. You can make spikes or make them straight or you can add brooches or hairpins to give it a more cute look. Add different shades to your hair to make your pixie more versatile.The color will add tone and shine accordingly.

Chin Length Bob:

Chin-Length-Bob-HaircutsAnother trending hairstyle among celebrities, worn by the superstars like Scarlet Johnson, Drew Barrymore, and Keira Knightly. Same as photo frame gives prominence to the photo, chin length Bob frame your face and give prominence to your facial beauty. This style is also versatile and comes in many forms. Not difficult to make and very low-maintenance. If you have thin looking hair this style is totally for you. Chin length bob gives your hair thick look with prominent face-framing. Some popular bob styles are asymmetrical bob, graduated bob, blunt bob, and messy bob (for the rough look).

Wild Mohawk

Wild MohawkAs the name states wild Mohawk. To show your inner wildness and recklessness this style is perfect. Previously Mohawk requires shaving your head from the sides so women are afraid of wearing this style that modern times came up with better solutions. Now women use fauxhawk, a modified form of Mohawk to avoid shaving their head. You just have to apply some hair wax or gel to get this look. This style bests suits to those women who have a broad face. Mohawk reveals your cheekbone and gives volume to your head. In this way, you face gaining a perfect oval look.

Short Fringes:

short fringes hairstylesThere is a time when fringes are considered to be only for long hair. But now women with short hair can wear this style same as long hair. A great example of short fringes is a Taylor Swift beauty bomb on the music industry. Just like bob this cut also gives your face a framing look with prominence. By enhancing your facial features this style gain attraction from your surroundings. Fringes are easy to style at home with home products and you don’t have to be a professional for that. After doing fringes you will be surprised to see your flashy face in the mirror.

Messy Fringes:

Messy-FridgesConvert your ordinary short hair into straight across bang with extra heavy messy style. If you want to turn some heads add some chunky highlight. Don’t be afraid of the name this style barely gets your time creating a mess is always easy. This style suits best to those who have elongated face. And coarse hair meets the style requirement like a charm. All you need is to blow dry your hair and use your fingers to create the messy look and it’s done already. Now go out and turn some heads.

Volume Vixen:


Volume VixenShort hair lacks the volume, which compromises the girly charm. Giving volume to your hair is a great way to enhance your feminine charm. The most trending hair boosts technique among short hair females are volumizing. This is not just a boost up, this is a proper style and very fashionable. First and perfect choice of those people who have an oval face with medium hair.

Short and Spiky:


Short and SpikyTop on the list of anti-aging hairstyles. Spiky hairstyle makes you look younger and more youthful. With some bold touch, you look more beautiful. Equally popular among all ages. Because of its trendiness all over the world. Old women like it because of its anti-aging factor and younger generation like it because of its edgy look. Best to use, in summer and easy to make in the lazy morning.

Layered Lass:


Layered LassThe combination of layer and volume for short hair. You have to add some criss-cross layers and give some volume to your hair to acquire this style. If you want to give it a separate look adds some swoopy bangs. Kind of messy, but too much adorable. Perfect cute look for short hair. A homemade hairstyle for any type of short length hair.