Woodworking Business Ideas

Nowadays, there has been an incredible improvement in how woodcraft such as furniture is done. This has been made possible by advancement in technology, equipment, and machinery. The development has led to better and durable wood constructions and finishing.

Woodwork is a growing industry as many investors are specializing in different woodcraft aspects. The investments include the tool industry that makes various tools types and machinery. Creative woodworking is usually done by professionals.

If you’re passionate about woodwork, discover these most profitable woodworking projects to build and sell.

#1. Phone Holders

Is it surprising that wooden phone holders exist? This is an excellent and profitable project that is new in the market. Phone holders are durable and can’t easily break thus ensures the safety of your phone.

#2. Office Shelves

Even though many businesses are functioning online, they still maintain remote offices. Building office shelves, then selling to these companies will earn you revenues. It’s one of the top woodworking projects that sell.

#3. Picture Frame

A picture frame is essential, especially when relocating. It keeps your picture sealed and safe from damage or dust. Picture frames can also be used to compliment the beauty of an office or a home wall. Visit luxuryhomestuff.com for more woodworking projects that sell.

#4. Bottle Carriers

Investing in a bottle carrier business can establish a strong business relationship with drink suppliers, clubs, restaurants, or even bars. Whether carrying soft drinks or wine bottles during transit, bottle carriers will assure sufficient bottle safety.

#5. Office Desk Organizers

Just like in wooden office shelves, a desk organizer is essential for every business. However, you need to build modern and unique organizers that attract more customers.

Clients may prefer a wooden organizer relative to metal organizers because they’re less expensive.

#6. Kennel Structure

Many people worldwide are keeping dogs in their homes. For example, you can craft a simple kennel structure that ensures the pet’s comfort.

Kennel structure ideas are great woodworking projects that sell as many dog owners adore their pets and will not hesitate to buy a beautiful structure for them.

#7. Coat Racks

If you’re searching for the most profitable woodworking ideas, consider a coat rack project. You can choose a design from a wide selection of wooden racks ideas for your project.

The Internet is the best place to research for the perfect and trending rack designs that can attract customers. You can earn huge profits with this easy woodworking project.

#8. Kitchen Racks and Shelves

Every homeowner desire to have an organized kitchen because it’s the place they meet and have fun. Thus, you can invest in a woodworking project and build affordable alternatives to kitchen shelves and racks.

The project can generate more income for you, and it’s on the top lists of many easy woodworking projects that sell. You can also supply racks and shelves to building industries, for their kitchens.

#9. Nightstands

One home improvement furniture and that keeps a bedroom elegant is a nightstand. People can use the item to store books or personal accessories. If you’re not sure of which woodworking project you wish to invest in, explore in nightstand woodworking projects that sell.

#10. Swing Couches

Sofa coaches are excellent furniture for improving outdoor comfort. They can be placed in a comfortable environment for an outstanding outdoor leisure experience.

Parents can also buy a swing sofa bed for their children. Therefore, you can be sure to earn considerable revenue with this wooden couch project.

#11. A Refined Storage Beds

In modern society, many people are investing in beds that can as well act as storage. You can venture in the project and build beds that enhance the aesthetic of your client’s bedroom.

#12. Coffee Tables and Chairs

This is one of the best woodworking projects that sell in online marketplaces. The items have existed since the starting of coffee shop industry. Research the likes of shop owners and their clients to craft selling projects.

#13. Outdoor Sofas

Another most profitable woodworking projects to build and sell is outdoor sofas. The sofas are usually used for luxuries.

Many homeowners that adore outdoor leisure own one or more of this furniture. An outdoor sofas project can generate a high sale for your business since the prices of outdoor sofas are high.

#14. Business Card Holders

Every entrepreneur or investor that aims to grow in business has personal business cards. A business card holder can help you to keep the cards like a professional. You can also offer to write the names of the client on the wooden card holder after a sale.

#15. Kitchen Serving Trays

Kitchen trays are excellent as you can use them to place your plate or a cup of coffee as you enjoy the meal from the comfort of your couch. They’re also convenient for holding glasses or silverware. Thus, you can guarantee large markets for these durable kitchenware items.

#16. Bath Trays

Individuals that wish to soak or relax; a wooden bath tray is a perfect addition to their tubs. You can use them to hold novels, romantic candles or a wine glass. The project can earn huge sales if you get the right market.

#17. Bowls and Chopsticks

For those who appreciate culture, you can build customizable bamboo chopsticks and bowls for your woodworking project that sell. The items improve the beauty of a furnished kitchen.

Retro clothing is an example. Many people like the product, and you can make the buttons from any wood type.

#18. Buttons

Wooden buttons can be used in pants or suits. The market demand for these items is increasing after the launching of self-designed retro clothing. Many people like the product, and you can make the buttons from any wood type.

#19. Cutting Boards

Everyone that has worked in a kitchen understands the value of a sturdy, durable cutting board. You can implement any design in your project, and you will earn money from this creative art.

#20. Wooden Toys for Children

Wooden toys were considered things of the past, but they are becoming a novelty in the modern market. Conduct research on the prices the stores are charging before starting the woodworking project. Wooden toys are durable than those made from plastic materials.


With these woodworking projects that sell, you can start generating income by creating the most profitable furniture in the market. Also research on the best markets to sell your item and showcase them with high-quality pictures.