Why Small Business Needs this Technology to Keep Secure

Even as cyber attacks and hacking scandals fill the newspapers, small businesses are still failing to use adequate cyber security protection to keep their communications and data secure.

According to this study, 70% of all small businesses experienced a cyber attack in 2017, while 50% of them admitted that they don’t understand how to protect their company. The situation is unfortunate, but in a way, understandable: most people don’t have advanced IT knowledge that gives them an understanding of cyber security threats, even if they are viscerally nervous about them.

It is impossible for any one single change to make your operations invulnerable to cyber crime, but the first step that any concerned company should take is to protect your communications and data using high-powered end-to-end encryption tools.

Let’s take a closer look at what the latest encryption tools can do for you.

Email and SMS Chats Are Vulnerable

Given that most people don’t understand the details of advanced security encryption, it’s dangerous but unsurprising that they continue to use the two modes of communication that are the easiest to hack: Email and SMS chats.

It’s said that an experienced cyber criminal only needs 15 minutes to hack into your Gmail, and once inside, it’s possible to harvest other sensitive information such as other passwords. If your small business relies on these two methods of communication, you are putting yourself at risk of being hacked.

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Secure Tools Can Be Convenient, Now

Historically, the only devices that guaranteed total security from hackers and cyber criminals came with significantly reduced functionality. They were restricted to merely sending and receiving emails. It was impossible to have easy-to-use devices that kept you fully connected while being fundamentally secure. Thankfully, that is no longer the case!

Today’s end-to-end encryption tools can be used by non-tech experts to perform common functions we’re all used to from ordinary smartphones. ChatMail Advanced Messaging and Parsing Protocol (CAMP) has finally expanded the capabilities of a fully encrypted smartphone. Now, users of this tech can send chat messages, image messages, voice messages, and both group chats and anonymous group chats.

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Robust Security

The CAMP protocol easily solves the problem of how to add PGP encryption to your business conversations because it includes two different kinds of encryption, the first of which is based on the commonly-used open source PGP encryption, while the second is based on Curve 25519. It can automatically distinguish between external and internal users, both of which are operated using the same interface.

Instead of toggling between different encryption tools manually, users have a messaging platform that colour-codes contacts based on the encryption level being used. Companies don’t need their staff to be experts in this technology in order to use encrypted communications.

The CAMP protocol doesn’t store any information on outside servers — it is stored only on the phone itself. Users can protect this information further with tamper proofing duress passwords: if the phone gets lost or stolen and a stranger tries to gain access, the device will get wiped automatically.

Cyber attacks aren’t just aimed at multinational corporations or even political parties, they target all businesses. Small businesses have a lot to lose. Thankfully there are encryption tools every bit as powerful as the mini computers in our pocket, so your business can stay connected and secure.