Why Essay Writing Services Should Not be Banned

Essay writing is an essential part of any high school course. Each semester, a student is supposed to complete a set number of writing assignments such as research papers, essays, and project manuscripts; all of which are then scored on the basis of research depth, the strength of arguments, and overall quality. Completing all assignments in a stipulated time can be difficult for students as they also have a series of curricular and extra-curricular activities to take care of.

Coming to their help in such situations are online writing websites that employ professional academic writers who can write top quality custom essays and research papers. Such websites have been present in the scene for more than a decade now, assisting millions of school and college students in their assignments every day. However, over the past few years, a debate has sprung up in the education circles around the world with some people demanding a ban on these websites. These people – mostly educationists and professors –  cite ethics as the main reason for the ban. Instead of seeing it as helping hand, they see it as a way of cheating.

These reasons can be easily argued over and fought against, and there are many more advantages that these debaters are failing to consider. The ease and convenience of submitting an assignment task at https://myessaywriting.co.uk/order-online.html may be hard for these educationists to understand. Only a student can fully understand the necessity of assignment help in stressful times. To make people more aware of the benefits of essay writing services, here are top reasons why they should not be banned. This list is prepared on behalf of school and college students around the country.

Top Reasons Why Essay Writing Services Should Not be Banned

They Save Time

Today, school and college students get tens and tens of writing assignments every semester. These are mostly part of the curriculum that teachers believe are essential for improving the students’ writing and research skills. It is true, but most of these assignments are composition writing and can be seen as substitutes for actual skill-building activities. The sheer volume of assignments that students get is mind-boggling, hindering them to work on more important activities like working on projects and exams.

When a student outsources an assignment from professional essay writers, he is making time for himself that he can use on other important tasks. It is not true that students outsource all the assignments that they get. They choose the ones that are important for their coursework and outsource the remaining. This is a clever way of managing time and one that must be lauded and not criticized.

Students Learn from the Professionals

Another big reason why essay writing services must not be banned is that students are exposed to professional quality writing. For example, when a student receives and goes through a completed assignment from a website, he is able to understand a new approach to writing. New forms of sentences, language, diction, and structuring can help the student understand more about writing academic essays. 

Getting essay help is, thus, not only a solution but also a way to learn more. Learning from the experts can aid students in their future essay writing activities in college and professional lives.

They Boost Creativity

A corollary to the point above, seeking essay writing help is seen as a clever move by students because it can help boost one’s creativity. Studies have proved that when students find clever and effective solutions to their problems (a large number of assignments being one) that they experience in the coursework, they are indeed expanding their mind. As future torch-bearers, students are expected to be problem-solvers in the real world.

If seeking external help can improve their creativity and problem-solving skills, then it is definitely not something that should attract so much criticism. Their use can surely be regulated, but a ban is totally unnecessary.

Say Goodbye to Plagiarism

Before these writing services were present, students used to copy content from online resources and submit them as their own. Teachers wouldn’t even cross-check the sources, thus giving the impression to students that copying is not wrong after all. It may not be a problem in schools and colleges, but if they start doing it in their professional careers, they will be accused of plagiarism.

This can be averted if students are allowed to use such services. Since every single sentence written by the writers are free of copyright, there is no chance of plagiarism. It can also teach students the importance of original content.

These are the top four reasons why essay writing services must not be banned. The question of ethics is one that polarizes the audience – on one hand, there are professors who recommend students to use these services whereas on the other there are educationists who think that getting help from these services is equal to cheating. What needs to be understood here is that if such services help students in activities that matter more, then they must be let their own way. 

Banning essay writing services can only lead to an increase in cases of plagiarism, poorly written essays, and a slump in the average scores of students. It can even be said that such services pave the way for students to Ivy League colleges and top corporates as they embark on career-fulfilling journeys.