Why Divorce Firms Need a Digital Presence

The legal industry is a traditional sector that prefers to keep things formal and conventional, including marketing practices. A significant number of divorce law firms still rely heavily on word of mouth to get clients. And for those that have considered digital marketing, they simply fail to invest the right amount of effort and time in nurturing the right strategies.

But things have changed, and the internet now offers endless possibilities for businesses. Referrals can still bring clients but there’s so much more that you can do and achieve with digital marketing, without compromising your firm’s traditional values.

Clients make purchase decisions faster than you can imagine. According to a report by Microsoft, 90% of customers expect companies to have some form of digital presence, especially for customer service. If a potential client is referred to your firm by a friend but cannot verify the same information online, they might choose a competitor who has a website and social media accounts.

In addition, the nature of divorces compels most people to seek an attorney online instead of talking to a friend about the same.

Here are more reasons why your divorce firm needs a digital presence:

To Reach a Wider Audience

Nearly everything is happening in the digital space. People are working, learning, shopping, finding out the news, connecting, and even making new friends on the internet. This simply means that most of your prospective clients are spending their time here.

Through the right strategies, having a digital presence means that more and more people can see and learn about your divorce law firm.

For Increased Engagement with Potential Clients

The digital space provides numerous opportunities for a divorce attorney to interact and engage with prospective customers. From social media to live chats and contact forms, a strong online presence allows you to nurture potential leads that visit these platforms and convert them to paying customers.

Further, this contributes to creating a positive experience and customers are likely to leave helpful reviews.

Multiple Options to Choose From

Having an online presence means choosing the right strategies that fit your divorce law firm and investing your time and budget in them. The internet offers a multitude of equally effective platforms on which you can advertise your practice.

This begins by fully understanding your firm and the characteristics of people to whom you want to target your services.

To Rank on Search Engines

More than half of online shoppers assert that they research goods and services on Google before making a purchase. When a potential lead searches for related keywords such as “divorce lawyer” or “family attorney near me,” your firm should be appearing among the top results.

Having a digital presence means that visitors can see your practice when they are searching for similar services.

However, there are a lot of tricks that go into ranking a site on the first search page, including the quality of information on the landing page. The law office of Laurence J. Brock is a perfect example for the kind of content to put on your landing page.

To Establish Credibility and Trust

Initially, law firms that advertised their services vigorously were perceived to be case and settlement mills. The argument was that qualified attorneys do not need to sell themselves as so because their work will speak volumes instead.

But this is no longer the case and there are numerous ways to verify that a particular divorce law firm is what they purport to be.

Having a digital presence establishes credibility and trust among leads who are searching for your business. Using accurate information such as physical locations, customer feedback, and contact addresses on multiple platforms show visitors that you are a real and credible business.