If you are a frequent Internet user then you may have noticed that there are plenty of ads out there aimed at Instagram users which offer you the chance to pay for several different features for the social network. These features are ones which you will get naturally from other users so if you are not familiar with how engagement and interaction is important to the success of your profile then you may be left scratching your head when you see ads that encourage you and others to buy Instagram photo likes, relevant comments, views or real followers. It is true that you can get these features without having to pay for them but once you understand the importance they have for your account, you may begin to reconsider.

Why Instagram is better suited to interaction

As it stands, this particular brand of social media is attracting a lot of attention recently as more than a billion people use it every month and half that number use it every day. In addition to this, it has a wider range of formats than other social media while there are also more customisation options available. If you are a business, it is also possible to sell your products and services through the social network and make money from ads. While Facebook still has higher user numbers, Instagram is drawing a lot of attention because of the large number of young people who engage with it (over two-thirds of its users are under the age of thirty-five). But it is not only this that gives people a reason to consider it over other social networks. In addition to these impressive user numbers, it also has some very interesting engagement statistics. This behaviour is very important when you consider how much emphasis is placed on interaction across all the different social networks.

When compared to other social networks, Instagram has a much higher rate of engagement. Its two biggest rivals in the world of social media are Facebook and Twitter, with these averaging engagement rates of 0.09% and 0.048% per post respectively. With Instagram, the average is 1.60%., a figure that simply dwarves that of all the other competition, even when combined. Clearly, it is the place to be if you want to get that interaction that social media users crave so much. As well as all this, there are other behavioural patterns among its users which are of particular interest to businesses. 80% of users follow at least one brand while 60% have stated that they have bought a product they first found on social media. With all this considered, if you are a business, Instagram is a good place to go to promote yourself.

How to go about promoting yourself

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, there is a growing online industry devoted to the sale and purchase of social media features. This has come about due to the demand that many users have for more interaction. Interaction is needed in order to open up your account and make it more visible to a wider audience. This is particularly important if you are using social media to promote your business. The more popular your account is, the more it will be recommended to people and the more prominently it will appear in search results for areas related to your page. There are hundreds of millions of potential customers out there spread all around the world and they are known to engage on a large level with businesses, as the statistics have shown.

How do these features work?

If you are buying features, you need to know how to put them to work in an effective way so as to get the biggest return from your investment. If you are buying likes, these can be added to posts which you feel deserve more attention or which have important information that you feel needs to be promoted more. Views can be bought as well and the more views your content has, the more likely it is to become a hit and draw more attention. In addition to these features, another common one is comments. Comments can be added to posts and videos and they can go into a lot more detail about what the user thinks of the content in question. Similarly, they can be used to ask for more information or engage the user in conversation. Comments are a good way for you to build a relationship with other users and, in turn, generate even more interaction while also inspiring future loyalty. The content on offer is not the only important thing on social media, a lot of users appreciate being able to contact with the people behind accounts. If you can build a good rapport with users who take the time to make this effort then your star will rise as word of mouth spreads. Comments have another bonus which can be used to great success: they can be used to tag other users and, by doing so, will draw even more people towards your account.

The importance of having followers

Arguably, the single most important feature is followers. Followers latch on to your page and receive regular updates when you add new content. This means that they will have more interaction than other users as they don’t need to go looking for it. By simply scrolling through their feed, they will come into contact with your content and this automatically increases your level of engagement. They also regularly partake in other forms of interaction, such as liking and commenting on your content. This makes them the most sought-after feature and one which should be given serious thought to in terms of paying for.