Which is the Best File Recovery Software for Windows PC

We capture a lot of memories with our smartphone on the go and once we run out of storage, we take a backup of our files on our computer. We assume that the data is safe and secure on our PC however we never know when we encounter a system crash. We can try to keep a backup of our data however until it is not an incremental backup, our data is always at risk.

The manual process to recover files is only successful if we have a backup on any of our devices. The manual process may not guarantee to recover 100% of files. Here comes the best data recovery software into play! The best file recovery software can bring back files from accidentally deleted folders, crashed, formatted, or corrupt storage devices.

There are dozens of data recovery software available over the web however not all of them can assure the best recovery. We have tried, tested, reviewed, and compared the best data recovery software for Windows in 2022 and listed the one that has the highest recovery rate. Here is all about the Best Data Recovery Software for Windows in 2022.

Data Recovery Software Features

The best data recovery software should come with a lot of promising features so that you can relive your memories. Here is what you can look for in data recovery software.

Advanced Scan Modes

The best file recovery software should have an advanced algorithm to perform a quick scan and deep scan. It should save time and effort in scanning the storage device while running a comprehensive scan for advanced data recovery.

Great Compatibility

Deleted file recovery software should have great compatibility with Windows 11 and earlier versions. It should be compatible with multiple file formats of text, documents, pictures, music, videos, archive, emails and other data files. there are over 1000 file formats that can be recovered using the best file recovery software.

Device Independent

When it comes to recovering lost files, data recovery software should work on Internal/External HDD, SSD, 4K Drives, USB Drive, SD Card, and other storage devices that connect to a Windows PC. It should work on all file types like FAT, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, and other compatible technologies.

Device Independent

Advanced Filters

In the recovery process, the best file recovery software can pull out a lot of data that was never overwritten. It allows you to apply different filters to sort and list out data by Name, Size, File Type, Extension, Date, Time, and other combinations. These filters can save time and offer unmatched accuracy.

Advanced Filters

Preview Available Data

Previewing data helps a lot to filter out the required data. A file recovery software groups and list out recoverable data to preview before you recover the entire clutter. This process can save time and effort and space on your hard drive. You can accurately recover just the required data.

Backup & Restore

The best data recovery software will always offer data backup and restore options to always safeguard your important data. It can take a backup on your hard drive or store it on cloud space. Incremental backup will always ensure that every important file is backed up and you can always bring it back in case of data loss.

Backup & Restore

Resolve File Corruption

A data recovery software not only recovers lost files but also restore deleted and corrupt files. It works on the broken file systems and restores unhealthy files formatted or RAW storage devices. Resolving file corruption is a part of the data recovery process.

Arrange Folder Hierarchy

The best data recovery software can read and retain the folder hierarchy system to bring back the files in the same folder system. It can easily arrange the recovered files by name, size, date and other filters. It also allows you to save recovered files in the selected file location.

Advanced Disk Recovery

Buy Now For: $39.95

Compatibility: Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista and XP (both 32-bit and 64-bit) versions

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Advanced Disk Recovery is one of the best data recovery software for Windows 11 and earlier versions in 2022. It has an advanced scan algorithm to quickly scan and dig out all the recoverable files in multiple file formats. It has great compatibility with Internal/External HDD, SSD, 4K Drives, USB Drive, SD Card, and other storage devices.

Advance DIsk Recovery

Advanced Disk Recovery Pros & Cons


  • User-friendly console for easy recovery
  • Unlimited data recovery from multiple failure conditions
  • Compatible with 100s of file formats of docs, photos, audio, video, etc.
  • Preview recoverable files by Name, Extensions, Location, Size, Date Modified, etc.
  • Supports internal/external HDD, SSD, USB Stick, Micro SD, and other removable storage
  • Advanced scanning engine to recover maximum deleted file from formatted drives
  • Quick scan for recent deletion and Deep Scan for permanently deleted media
  • Free trial scan to list recoverable media with a money-back guarantee
  • Best customer service and support (Chat + Email)


  • Voice support not available
  • Trial version has limited support
  • Only Compatible with Windows

How to Use Advanced Disk Recovery

How to Use Advanced Disk Recovery

Using Advanced Disk Recovery is as easy as pie! You can download, install, and register it from the official website. Select the hard drive partition or removable storage media that needs to be scanned. Select between a quick scan or deep scan for advanced recovery and click on the Scan Now button. Select filters to preview files and select exact files before recovering. Select the recovery location and click on the Recover button.

Summing Up

Data loss can be a serious issue as we can’t just let go of our precious memories. There can be several reasons behind a data loss situation. The manual process may not dig out all the lost files and can be tedious and tricky for most users. The best data recovery software can easily find and recover lost files. You will never leave a file behind with the best file recovery software for Windows.